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Favorite squeegee for the TiPX

I've tried pretty much every squeegee style ever made since the TiPX came out in 09 and none of them were quite right.

I've finally found one, that with a little addition, I think is perfect.

Ironically they're so common, even I who've only owned pistols had one!

The tippmann 12" cable squeegee.

It's disk is a little too small and a little too stiff, so I threaded a soft neoprene disk, with fabric on both sides, onto it.
This works better than a stiff big disk(sorry I had to write that....but I totally did).
I used a disk from this cheapo pullthrough someone gave me, but tracing the barrel muzzle on any neoprene strap or whatever with doublesided fabric on it and cutting it out will give you a perfect one. A simple paperhole punch can take out the center.

I push it up through the magwell and out the muzzle, then pull it through. One swipe is good enough to clear off even the little window.

Hopefully our new empire field paint will perform better in the heat than it has so far....

Another nice trick that I had made into my old paintball pants is a proper squeegee pocket for a pullthrough.
Ironically I was using the Tippmann cable back then, I'm surprised it took so long to rethink it.
I made an openbottomed squeegee pocket that tapered toward the top and was sized right to the disk at the top.
The inside of the pocket was completely lined in microfiber towel.
After I used the squeegee I could push it up from the bottom of the pocket and pull it out the top, cleaning it. Then push it in from the top and it would catch there and hang, ready to grab!
I may make a version that fits on my belt now, plenty of room!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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