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The $aint 06-23-2013 06:20 AM

Pick me! Pick me! Cause I Think I look cool!!!!
Well for those of you who tend to eat the paste and those of you who see beyond the shameless self promotion
Has posted this little gem up and I'm sure some of you would love to read it.
Enjoy:)The Ford Report | Paintball's ONLY Source for News on the Web - NPPL, PSP, FREE FINALE, SCENARIO, WOODSBALL and More!

Not Everyone Can Be A General….
Editor’s Note:* Checking in this weekend from Battlegroundz Paintball is The Ford Report writer Kelly Chavers Brennan, commenting on what it takes to be the commander of a side at a scenario game, and it would appear that some in the current crop of ‘E-Celebs’ are lacking in that department.* Read on for Ms. Brennan’s thoughts on the matter.*

Not everyone is cut out to General game. Believe it or not, it takes a certain skill set – a willingness to commit wholeheartedly to the event. Committing means promoting the game whether through friendly “trash talk” with the opposing General and teams or posting pictures of the field or game poster on various social networks; you get the information out as much as possible. It means recruiting players to come out and play – through emails, phone calls, post on social networks – your job is to get players to the event. A good General must – above all else – MUST meet these requirements.

Lately I have heard more and more about people who have treated this role like it means nothing. Like a joke. However, to the producers, field owners, and players the person holding the General title is a crucial part of the game; so when they fall short on their duties, it is a big deal. Players lose interest and morale declines. Producers either lose a key player or their game is affected. Field owners lose out on potential revenue they would have earned had more players attended or bought more paint. More importantly, the slacking General loses creditability within the community. Basically, it’s a loss for everyone involved.

At Living Legends VI this year, a General left the field for hours – apparently fed up with issues on the field, he just walked away . From that point on, teams felt like they were on their own; without a leader they began leading themselves. Player morale changed, evidenced by the number of people who came out complaining about it and by the teams who said they were done and would leave if they had not paid so much to play. These same teams also said that from that point on, they did not care – they were just running around wasting paint. Fortunately, the XO for that side did step-up and take charge, but not before the damage had been done.

This weekend, a popular YouTube sensation known for his dual wielding pistol skills, broke every rule of being a General. During all the time he had to promote the game – he promoted it once and only after someone said something to him, and that was a promo picture someone else had created which had been posted on the producers page. His defense about his lack of promotion was this, “Battlegroundz didn’t provide me with photo content or anything so I couldn’t make a video.” You read that right. There are pictures available on the field’s webpage and on Facebook and yet he could not download those? He had to wait for someone to send him pictures? Seriously? The other General and XO had pictures (and yes they would have shared); but even with all that, he could not come up with something? Heck, he could have continuously posted the game poster, worked with his XO, or created a video of himself saying “come out and play at…” There were many options and yet he chose none.

Number two, he never publicly recruited, although he did say in an email “recruiting I just did by friends or word of mouth/email but people don’t like XXXX (the XO) so it’s difficult.” Really????? He has two Facebook accounts, instagram, and a YouTube channel! All he could do was make some phone calls and then depend on others to tell people? Sorry but that is a lame excuse in my book.

Finally, the kicker of them all – he decides Thursday night around 10:30 to text his XO and say he can’t make it. A family emergency you ask? No. A medical problem? Um, no. He told his XO that he was afraid of getting a speeding ticket. What? You read it right. Simple solution to this – do not speed; problem solved. Then it becomes – his license is suspended. Now this may be true, because after Living Legends he did get a speeding ticket (a known fact as annouced on his Facebook page), but that was a month ago. He had plenty of time to figure out a ride or to back out; but no, he waited til the night before he was supposed to be at the field to cancel. When this happened he was offered a bus ticket, a ride to the event (but had to get a ride back), and even gas money. He accepeted none of them. However, around 10 o’clock Friday night (game on Saturday) he called the field owner wanting a hotel room paid for on top of gas! He was promptly told that there was a house on site that he could stay in for free and that no hotel room would be paid for. At that point – somehow – the call was disconnected.

Now with all that said, I know this individual has been extremely busy doing many events. He even told me “I’m so backed up on info its ridiculous. Still have to upload Nuketown video, now a LL6 video, a zetamag video, now a Oklahoma d-day video and yea…”* So I’m left to wonder why he commited to this event if he was so far behind. Why not pass? I don’t know the answer because as of Friday morning he had unfriended me on Facebook and sent a text asking me to delete his number. Perhaps he was ashamed of his decision? Perhaps he knew something would be said; who knows. I do know that I waited until tonight (Saturday) to put this out there, because I wanted to give him until this morning to redeem himself. His lack of appearance today led to this article.

Before this happened I considered this person somewhat of a friend; but his lack of respect for the field owners and producer; not holding to his responsibilities; the lack of communication; his disrespect of this game we all love; and most of all his lack of respect for the players has made this player/writer step back and re-evaluate. This whole thing has shown me that truly not everyone is cut out to be a General.

** Everything I have stated is true. I have emails and text messages supporting each of his quoted statements.**


June 22, 2013

RusskiX 06-23-2013 07:38 AM

Remember: Paintball is Fun!

PistolRogue 06-23-2013 10:38 AM

I like Antonio as a person, but if all of this is accurate, I really can't defend it. I'll wait until I hear his side of the story on this but I definitely agree, a General position is not to be taken lightly.

skullcandy1993 06-23-2013 11:09 AM

This is interesting, i'm wondering why he started with the "Akimbo alliance" stuff of Facebook if he doesn't have time to promote a game.

Crimson Death 06-23-2013 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by PistolRogue (Post 2740911)
I like Antonio as a person, but if all of this is accurate, I really can't defend it. I'll wait until I hear his side of the story on this but I definitely agree, a General position is not to be taken lightly.


Originally Posted by skullcandy1993 (Post 2740927)
This is interesting, i'm wondering why he started with the "Akimbo alliance" stuff of Facebook if he doesn't have time to promote a game.

I concur.

Wolfman 06-23-2013 04:42 PM

Man, you guys really take this seriously. While I agree that if somebody commits to be a General on the day, they should stick by it unless they have a reasonable excuse - but it's still just a game at the end of the day.
Heck, at plenty of the events I've been to I haven't even seen the general outside of the staging area, maybe it plays out different over here but more often than not it's the squads on the ground that change the standings - not the bloke doing the commanding (daft as that sounds). Your team does a good job breaking through their lines, you win - if not, I don't think there's many players out there that'd care when you lose.

Granted, I don't know a great deal about the situation, but it just seems a little unfair to me to attack the guy over it.

PistolRogue 06-23-2013 05:04 PM

A general's job is hard. Most players who have never participated in a command staff simply do not know the work it takes to be successful at it. Recruiting should be constant from the first second your position is confirmed by the producer all the way until game day. You need knowledge of the field be it through a field walk or prior play on-site. This way you know where you can push players to accomplish certain objectives. Meetings with captains of the teams playing with you to tell them where you need them to be, how to keep in contact, etc. And that's all before you even get on the field come game day.

While I agree paintball is for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously, as a General you assume responsibility for doing what you can to bring the win home for your team. If you don't want that level of work and responsibility on your shoulders, that's fine, but then you shouldn't take a command position, because then you're ruining the game for the people that want to be competitive.

Frizzle Fry 06-23-2013 05:11 PM

He always impressed me as kind of a tool... his MagFed interview:

Q: Where can I find you on the field next year? Any big games you plan on attending?

A: Since life doesn’t allow me to travel.. Living Legends 6 is my only guarantee, Paintball has no such support.

shifty 06-23-2013 05:26 PM

Seems to serious for me...... After reading this makes me wonder why I stopped playing speedball. Always heard drama at tournaments, but now I realize its just paintball in general.

Kermitt 06-23-2013 05:37 PM

Scenarios ARE serious business. They are a passion of mine. I work my job, I live for that Saturday or Sunday where for one glorious day, I am a part of something. Something that others may not understand, but for me, it's something tangible. I've waited months to work and try not to "disappoint" my General.
While I agree, the score doesn't matter about five seconds after the final whistle, what matters is if I've had a satisfying day. Good writing of missions and good leadership are key for this.
If this all is true, then all I can say is: some "legend".

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