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Maybe this is a good holster???

Couldn't find one besides this store.
Don't want to buy in korea I,ve been searching the whole evening to find it somewhere else....

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Kydex holsters are nice I have a couple of the warcowboy kydex holsters for my 8.1s not sure that he makes them for the Tipx.
WARCOWBOY CUSTOMS - T8 Custom Kydex Holsters

there not bad they have adjustable tension so it can hold your marker snugger or looser to your draw preference, there really good holsters for a quick draw. I found that I had to smooth the edge of the plastic as it was taking shavings off the lower plastic half of my 8.1s even with rounding off the edges it still wears the parts particularly around the trigger guard where the holster kind of pinches the marker and under the tip of the barrel where it rubs when holstering/unholstering. I just wrapped some hockey tape around the trigger guard where it was rubbing so the tape wears rather then the marker, also the tape helps give the holster a little extra grip on the marker. one beef with the warcowboy holsters is it holds the marker a little off my body (about 1/2") and I find it to be a lot of extra bulk especially when I'm sneaking around not to mention it adds wobble.

it goes without saying there are lots of different styles of holsters available to choose from witch makes for almost endless pistol load outs and sometimes finding the one that's best for you can take some trail and error. personally I prefer the full clip holster as it holds my markers secure and goes pretty flat when there not holstered so I can crawl/lay/slide on it with a lot less discomfort and it snags less when sneaking though bushes. but that's just my 0.02
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To be honest it looks like a knockoff hogue powerspeed holster
combined with a generic velcro molle holster


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