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Trails Of Doom
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I want to Apex my Tipx...

Has anyone ever cut an Apex 2 so that it is shorter?...

I currently have my 2011 A-5 barrel on my Tipx, which sticks out about 2 inches...

(sorry, all I have is a low light cell pic of it...)

But, anyway, I want to Apex it and I don't want to add much more length... The Apexed Tipx's I've seen look too long.

So I took apart one of my spare Apex 2 tips and was looking it over last night...

Seems to me, I could just cut the gap out of the plastic between the last point where it hooks into the barrel, and the part where it flares back out for the orings, on the back of the connector. Then epoxy those pieces together. I could easily get 1 inch out of it, which would make it then fit on my 2011 A-5 barrel AND it would leave enough room that I could still change my 12 grams...

Has anyone done this?

I would do a tape mod to put the tip on, (I've done tons of them over the years and can get them on perfect now...).

I would build a jig and use my dremel to cut the pieces and the outer sleeve.
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Trails Of Doom
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Location: West Chester, Ohio

So last night I got in my remote line adapter, and while I was installing it I remembered how much shorter the original Apex 1's were... And I had one laying right there, so I tape modded my new style A-5 barrel and put the Apex 1 on the end.

Now I can backspin with my Tipx.

Having the remote line on there is NICE!...

But, I was surprised that once "charged" with your remote line, once you disconnect it, it holds a bunch of shots in the gun, even with that empty 12 gram in the front...

I got around 7 shots after I disconnected it! Pretty cool!

I can't get over how quiet Tipx's are...
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All Hail Harb!
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TPXs are many things quiet isn't one of them lol.
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i had mine set up with a Flasc TPX barrel and Flasc threaded Apex was Sa WeeT!!!
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My TPX is nearly as loud as my KP3.. and it has a rain cover on it. I honestly scared a kid when I popped off a round at the chrono, he thought it was a real gun.
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I'm using a Apex tip with my A-5 Barrel. Works great! I can easily change 12's.
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