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The time line doesn't fit ur 4 that these came from this particular guy from Pennsylvania selling 18 kits in 2007 it just proves a little bit more the pin site you have more than likely came from the same builder 22 converted the same way ?? I would have to guess the same guy.. 18 kits that were sold in 2007 the seller included a 6"barrel & 4" modified with the pin site he lists the 4" shooting .68 he had to be confused probably heard so much about .68 not being into it that much posted wrong not in a million years you will get a 3357 to shoot .68 ---- .62 barley fits the cylinder wall gets extremely thin !!!!

Need I add he was selling these kits for $30 shipped !!!! to the lower 48 oh my god makes you sick that's just the shipping today.!!!!

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My memory takes me to a shop in the Eastern Townships of Quebec back in 85 -87 ish. Seem to recall visiting a shop that was brokering WGP Snipers for $450 each and the guy had some .62 cal Crosmans, and, and here is where it get hazy, a version with 4 shot cylinder for .68s with a aluminum insert in the barrel shroud. I recall being kind of impressed but knowing it was a butcher job. It was 30 years ago...
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What were they using for a cylinder ? Fine drill the hell out of the barrel housing you have the relationship between the cylinder pin to the barrel to the ball it has to line up if not all your going to do is get breaks. Now even if you drill closer to the center of the cylinder still the outside wall gets so thin if you dropped the cylinder on the ground it would probably crack.I tried placing 4 balls around the cylinder ... then in doing that you have to make sure you line up with an air delivery port then what ? two trigger pulls to one shot ?

maybe someone has modified it to .68 cal but I doubt they did it with the stock cylinder also with the amount of co2 you get through the valve the fps you might be able to run faster ?

As far as an aluminum inner insert yes that is true was made by someone in Canada for 4 & 6 " barrel .62 coversions have some information and researching it for proof... heard it was a rough job that needed some tlc afterwards.

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[QUOTE=Un2xs;3226029]I have not looked for serial numbers yet. Would those tell me how old these guns are?

Anybody know when these were field guns? I would like to pin down when I first started playing.

1985-1991 is the official production dates Crosman website.

I can prove 3/25/1985 Crosman invoice purchase of a
3357 back then you could order direct from Crosman you cannot anymore.
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