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New .50 pistol?

Hi guys.
I've stumbled on this picture when scrolling my FB

it might say "MENACE" on the side.
oh, also a TMC with a tank in the stock :P
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I was just looking for a 50cal c02 powered pistol yesterday and couldn't find anything. Would make a great sidearm for people who didn't want a huge tipx or tiberius.

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I don't know if my arms would be long enough to use the TMC with that stock on it.. it sure looks kewl tho.

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In what group did you find this? That tank in stock looks to good to be homemade, even printed. Tippmann leak??
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Looks like one of these:

Think I saw this particular model turn up in the past - some kind of chinese training pistol if I remember right.

EDIT: Found it, it's a Raysun-92

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Originally Posted by Wolfman View Post
Looks like rap4 was selling these at one point, MCS has the mags on clearance
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Love to see a good one , my Tiberius is like carting a brick around
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The problem I have found with .50 cal is that my local and surrounding fields don't allow them. I would make sure before purchasing that you can use them at your field/s.

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Well, I finally have a reason to acquire .50 cal equipment. I went to the dentist and met the hawt dental hygienist who said she would not like to try paintball because some dbag shot her from a car once and she said it really hurt (I'm guessing it was .68). So if I want her to give it a shot I have to try .50 which the local field just happens to support. I really want a .50 pistol as a sc/ mag fed player.....
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Didn't those turn out to be a nightmare? I would love a RELIABLE .50 cal pistol. But for some reason it just hasn't happened
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