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Umarex unveils new paintball revolver

Taken from the "Mag-fed Paintball" facebook page:

"a new toy is coming from UMAREX T4E at IWA 2018... prepare your wallets ��

my contact who is distribution partner said it should be released around August 2018 and is maybe cheaper then the T4E PPQ"


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12 gram in the grip?
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Home defense? Am I missing something here? Sure 50cal is good for that, with a copper jacket and gun powder.
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looks like it's based off the h8r airsoft revolver. Co2 in the grip and uses removable discs that hold 10 pellets. The h8r retails for $65, if this is priced reasonably I'll jump into 50cal
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Originally Posted by Salmon View Post
The h8r retails for $65, if this is priced reasonably I'll jump into 50cal
Me too. I've been looking to replace my sa-17 ... Looks like it will have to wait a little longer ...

Looks like semi auto?
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I think for most here, I'd use the term "collect" loosely. It's more like hoarding.
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The bb pistol version of this came out a couple years ago. It is called the Brodax and it sells for $35. I bought it because it is a really cool looking bb pistol and it had a few ideas I wanted to look at. The cylinder release is really a good idea and works very good. If the 50 cal comes like a less than lethal it might have a pretty high velocity. It would be tough to reg it down as there is no adjustment for that. It is what it is. Maybe mod the valve?
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from the other thread on the same thing...

11 joules - 425-ish FPS @ 1.25 gram weight .50paint - now it does say "up to" so possibly this one is adjustable? one would hope - doubt it though...seeing as the "latest" MCS "walther" is not adjustable without a teardown - and their "solution" was to tell their buyers - well since it isn't at field limits just shoot off the first clip then the FPS will lower to field legal limits....

yes, yes I know - a 3.3 gram FSr/.68paint @ 300FPS is 13.J - but unfortunately - until the US gets with the times and switches to both a metric system and updates their ASTM guidelines to go by Joules we are stuck with the FPS limits we have ...

Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent
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"up to "in most of the airgun airsoft and paintball worlds means " if you leave your co2 on a propane grill for 20 minutes to get t to the perfect temperature your first shot will be up to.....
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Folks in the FB page were talking about springing and adding a screw to control velocity.
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