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eNMEy Love

Possibly the best mech I've ever used. This thing shoots crazy fast, much more then I need and they are cheap. I'm confused on why I don't see many at the fields. I find it easy to dish paint right back at the guys with their ramping electros. Not to mention the reliability over electros. I love this thing!
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I agree. About as K.I.S.S. as you can get. An on off and a Freak kit is all I've done to make it feel much more expensive than the price reflects.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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One of the best guns I've ever owned.
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Got mine Friday, used it Saturday.
Nice gun. Light.
Put my Freak on it and had no complaints.

I primarily shoot pump so rate of fire is not a concern but it performed as well as my Impulse ( which I'll be selling as it is being replaced by the eNMEy).
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Sister has one and it is a great shooter. Smooth shot, great trigger pull, and surprisingly soft quiet shot. I just can't get by the feel of it, the plastic grip frame and body shroud bothers me. Really wish they could offer an all aluminum version. Because everything else on the gun has been awesome. I just don't find it to fit in my hands and feel right.

I only shoot mech and pump. But for now (and since 99) I stick to my Automags. An aluminum eNMEy with a solid lever lock feed neck and an on/off ASA for the $250-$300 mark. That I could see it replacing the Mag as my primary.
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Over the years I too have mainly played pump. I spent a good 5 years not touching an open class pump or a semi, so my opinion my be a little bias as I don't have much experience with autos except for Tippmanns, Spyders, Autocockers and some with Automags. But the eNMEy shoots as least as fast as my cocker did,when I had it all tricked out, with out any of the reliability issues.
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ur my sister
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ordered one the other day so should be here in a couple. as an all pump player i am looking forward to its simplicity. now just to keep the shot count down so i don't fall into the habit of going through paint too fast.
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I really should own one of these from all the good feedback from players and I'm an Ion whore.Happy enough with my 2 mech Ion conversions
Say what you want about SP&Gardner Bros,I don't care myself as their stuff has always been quality with good prices
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absolutely love my eNMEy it's my go to mech marker. Simple design, easy maitenance, anti chop to rival a level X bolt system and has a great reg and other great features for $130. You really can't go wrong with it

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I have 2 I picked up on ebay for under 70 shipped.The thing is a tank.Points well and is really consistant.Barrel kits are cheap and easy to find.Plus a lifetime warrenty.I recommend it over tippmans now.
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