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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
I moved here recently and started playing with Big & them at Edwards Forest. Legit!

I've played at MTP a couple times, and it's a cool place. The owner, Bill, runs a tight ship when he can. I'd play there more often but they're an hour's drive minimum.
Good field. Ran well. Just a long drive.
NPI is only 10 min from me but i haven't played there yet. Dropped by for air fills, chatted for a second with who i think is the owner, and haven't been back since.
We(Tennessee TrueBallers) play at NPI pretty often. Especially when we are trying to get some practice in on a nice Race to field. Owner is cool. Field entry is decent but paint can get pretty expensive.. Lots of good folks out there to play with tho.
I get a good vibe with Xtreme in Lebanon but i haven't been there yet. Just the details on their facebook, photos & such, i like how it looks. FPO, though, which turns some people off.
I went out to this field for the first time 2 weeks ago with some of the guys from my crew. At first we were a little worried but people started showing up and it was a great day. The field owner is new to the sport and doesn't know everything about the sport but he is very eager to learn. He treats it like a business which is very comforting. He just hired on a new head ref 2 weeks ago named Adam. I have known Adam for 5+ years and reffed with him in many tournaments. He is by far the best ref I have ever been on the field with. I assure you now that he is there fulltime safety will not be an issue. He's got that covered. The field is FPO but the sell Draxus/Premium. I am a pump player and am VERY particular about the paint I shoot.. I was extremely pleased with the paint I shot there..
That's just a rundown on the fields that we have played at. We also play at Red Leg Action sports(not frequently, but have been playing out there for 10 years), Ntense Sports(Bowling Green,KY) and Asylum Paintball(our sponsors in Louisville,KY).

We play somewhere pretty much every weekend. If you ever are looking for folk to play with hit us up.
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Hey guys we have a date for the next outlaw game, check us out.
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