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So here was my day at Classic:
First game I managed to do nothing. I did, however, gain respect for the pump-toting fools on the field and I did score some spectacular near misses. It was my first time out with the gun, so I'll go with that excuse. After the first game, I bumped into Snaparen who turned out to be an old guy like me, so I was cool with that. Second game I walked out with 50 paintballs. Got a couple eliminations (and got shot about five times). Then I just walked around watching people camp out in buildings. You might think I'm nuts, but I was walking around in the wide open with no gun and the other team was still trying like heck to shoot me. Always easier to dodge when you're not carrying. Some girl asked if I could hit a dude behind a car, I told her I was out of paint and she handed me her M98. I think I got 4 eliminations with that thing. We would run to a bunker and she would hand me her gun and say "Shoot somebody!" Pretty hilarious. I tried to get players to do crazy stuff like turn their heads or move or show some testicular fortitude, but in the end I took a lot of hits for the team. I think I got eliminated like six times - but it's respawn so who cares? I mean besides the pain of the multiple hits from HOT GUNS (seriously - you should see the bullseye on my knee - at least the swelling went down).

Then I chrony'd my old Rebline, but could not get it over 250, and my Tigershark was down at 140 (It will be put to pasture). I talked pump for a bit with some very cool people and got to shoot a WGP Ranger (which turned out to be very nice - I may need one).

All things considered - a good day. My thanks to all who put up with the bat-poop crazy guy in the green outfit.
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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
If we are playing 20 on 20 no respawn, I can make a bag last an entire day. That is why I suggested Paintball Atlanta too. IIRC their fields are fun but last time I went to look at the field, one ref was douchebag. He wouldn't even acknowledge me when I was speaking to him directly (face to face) from 2 feet away.
Old man ref? could have been Jay. He is a strange bird for sure but once you get to know him, he is pretty good guy. At least he takes his reffing pretty seriously.
PbA seems to cater to mostly beginners so you tend to have those groups that are not as experienced. But there are your weekend warriors that go as well. Also paint prices are high.
If anyone is interested in a PBAtl day, I for sure would be down.

But, I might also suggest a little outlaw ball at my house too. I live right down the road from PBA so air fills would be too much of a hassle. Thats the only bummer is it would have to be BYOPA. We have a woodsball/speedball hybrid type field.
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Pump day in about a week guys. Gonna take a vote for the meet after Nitros meet.

Also talk of a pump team for cup.

I'd also like to see if the refs will allow us to hop on the air ball field some. Without a ref is fine.
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So next weekend??
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May 17th yes. I think I have the dates on the first page. Should be a decent crowd. Some will be gone playing GFOA.
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