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Hit & Run Paintball field

Anyone know what happened to Hit & Run paintball field in Mansfield, Texas? This used to be my favorite field and I heard it had closed a year or two ago; I've heard lots of rumors, but nothing definitive about what happened.
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did they used to rent out mags? i think i have one from ebay... "hit + run 7" on the back of the grip frame...
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Yup they had mags... I reffed at that field for years ... nobody ever rented them... not very often at least.

They closed up shop is all anyone knows for sure. In the end it all came down to money. If they were making enough they would have stayed open. I spent weekends for years up there in my highschool day's... that was well over 10 years ago.

Rod and Lisa were always good to me ... i sorta wish i could catch up with the whole family. Wonder what Chris is up to... i miss that place.

That was the place to go and get your mag fixed up tho... Rod would tune the things to perfection.
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Yup, Rod is magical on mags. It still shocks me that such a fun cool field would close down, but the economy is bad and paintball is generally not a top priority. Turbo is right, money just wasn't flowing.
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It closed because it was built on a flood plain. After it flooded the first time the insurance paid for it but deemed it totaled. So when it flooded the second time the insurance wouldn't pay again. It was too expensive to rebuild a second time. So, they closed up shop and built a flea market in its place. Rod is very happy though, so good for him. Glad he made lemonade out of lemons.
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