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Local Field Closed No Paintball in Lubbock TX

What a sad state of affairs, I recently learned that our local field Challenge Games here in Lubbock TX has closed down. There is no paintball for miles and miles. Although I have not played much recently I some how feel saddened by this news.

I really need to speak with Brandon to see what his plans are as I do not want to tread on them if he is planning on opening up again. However that being said, should I wait or just go for it, open a field that is?

The property that the field was lcated on IS the best place to support a sound operation, but paintball being what it is I seriously doubt it is a huge money making endeavor. I really just want a place for folks to enjoy.

I am thinking Paintball, AirSoft and some other cool ideas. Of course it would be BYOP unless using field equipment. I suspect going BYOP and only charging a small gate fee would be successful but what do I know, I only play paintball.

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i have a set of bunkers that would getcha started....

i'll sell em for a screamin deal
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Paintball money is in rentals and rental repeats, this includes hosting private party games for birthdays and Stag parties.

The type of player that Byop attacts tends to drive off the profitable clients since they tend to be teen a-holes that make it not fun to play at those parks.
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I've often wondered how sustainable the model that Tactical Paintball used was. As I understood it, they charged rent for home teams to build facilities on site. They also required home teams to work the field (as staff) on occasion, as well as to help with facilities maintenance. The result being a community supported park, where non members could pay to play. Their field was really nice, and I do not believe it WS money that closed them down. Maybe you could use something similar?
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I used to see the Dirt Monkeys between here and Dallas. I believe they are from Lubbock. They would bring about 15 players to some games. If you (DSA) are not familiar with them, I could try to catch them here in November. I can't make Vipers game in Forney this weekend.

As I understood it, the Tactical home teams received some discounts for their work party contributions. There is a money / field-improvement trade to be considered there. Tactical was about 70 acres in its full triangle shape. It had some nice props, but the play was always focused around the forts and props. There were some very nice natural features (gullies, the pond, thickets) that did not see much play. Generally, too much cactus/locust/mesquite/stickers/briars/etc.

I've seen a field that is mostly hay bales and trailers, scattered over about 40 flat acres. It played well enough, but it was not too interesting.

I used to go to a byop field long ago. Even if all you want to do is collect a gate fee, you always have to have someone around to collect it from people as they roll in. You might as well have some extra paint to sell (maybe just by appointment). That was also before they invented monster-ball and the like. That is one good reason not to do byop; no monsterball.
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I wonder if renting gun cams/helmet cameras would be revenue generating. Sort of like the action videos that people buy when they go sky diving, you could rent cameras and sell DVDs or thumbdrives to folks who want to remember their Rambo weekend.
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