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What do you guys think of the Morphfire conversion kit for paintball guns to airsoft? I'm thinking of picking one up for my tippmann A5, it says to not use it on people but couldn't I just turn down my chrono on my gun and make the whole system more air efficient and safe for standard airsoft play?
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The air volume required to propel a dainty plastic bb @ 350 fps would probably be too far below the capabilities of that system.

I wouldnt do it.

If you want a cheap reliable gun for skirmishing check out some of these.

MP5's are probably the best sized gun in the game. practical accuracy isnt decreased too much by the short barrel and the lightweight and handiness will be much more practical than most anything you can get.

AK's are a nice sized, handy gun too. Just stay away from any tacticool versions. I've learned from experience that you pretty much dont need ANY attachments. no sight, lights, lazors or grips. you carry your gun with a sling, and you win with your wits. Echo1, LCT, and DBoys all make nice AK's at affordable prices. They are also simpler than the marui body style and the LCT have realistic takedown features.

M4/16. Easy to get parts, easy to carry and easy to get tac gear for. I still recommend not putting anything on these guns. G&G, Tokyo Marui, Echo1,and yes....KWA. all nice AR variants.

simple gun, simple kit. it will save you loads of cash in the future and you wont find yourself looking at your "past purchases" list thinking to yourself "why the hell did I buy that?"

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Some darn good deals now at Evike in the EPic Deals section:

Epic Deals - Airsoft Superstore

No I'm not affiliated with them.

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