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Homebrew mods for a KJW hi capa?...

My son has been getting into Airsoft and I picked up an Elite Force 1911 and KJW Hi Capa on the cheap to shoot with him. Most Airsoft forums seem to be dominated by immature characters I don't really trust so I thought I'd ask here... Have any of you had success tinkering with these type of guns and if so, how did you go about it?

Also what would be your choice for a pistol to use as a primary? This is all new ground for me.
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I'm running a tricked out KJW Sig P226. Top of the list of upgrades would be a tight bore inner barrel. I run a 6.01, but hear good things about the 6.03s as well.
If you're going to run pistol primary (I only run pistol), then additional magazines are a must. Laylax makes an upgraded magazine gasket that gives you better gas efficiency. high flow valves, piston heads will also help. I had to install an NPAS piston valve in mine, because the indoor field I play at has a velocity limit of 330fps, and without the NPAS, I was shooting close to 400fps with the upgraded magazine gaskets, piston head and extended tight bore barrel.

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Ive run a TM Hi-Capa as an indoor primary for quite some time now. The only real reason I chose it over the KJW KP-08 I had at the time was the speed with which the slide returns to battery, double taps are about twice as fast.

As for modifcations, well, the Hi-Capa's have the biggest after market parts bin outside of the M4. As for homebrew stuff, you can cut up an old credit card and place a piece cut to correct shape under the gas seal in the magazine to increase the FPS. If you tinker with the spring in the rocket valve you can bias it towards blowback and get a little more kick, but basically

If you're not afraid to do a little filing you can improve the trigger pull. Just remember that you cant make a true match length pull in an airsoft gun, the fluctuation between shots can mean that the hammer wont always catch. Learned that the hard way.
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