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Bartman 02-28-2013 06:17 PM

got my new sterling project today
It came in the mail this afternoon.

Will post some pictures and some idea of where this one will go.

Just wanted you guys to be thinking about it.


Bartman 03-01-2013 07:41 PM

here is the first pic

the frame is going for sure, going to put a slider frame on this one, hopefully a hump back frame if I can find one or maybe just cut one.


JaKaL 03-01-2013 08:19 PM

Slider frame? Good luck duder!

lexiones 03-01-2013 10:06 PM

It's possible just not super easy.

Bartman 03-02-2013 12:38 AM

honestly don't think its going to be that hard, just need to get the broken parts for the thing first


oldironmudder 03-02-2013 10:45 AM

Keep us updated on the slider!

Bartman 03-02-2013 03:46 PM

defiantly will, have to find one I like first, worse case I have some 5" by 3/4 plate I can build what I want from scratch


JaKaL 03-03-2013 10:10 AM

It's as much about the sear/trigger plate interaction.

Not THAT HARD but I hope you have a mill to cut yourself a new trigger plate.

JaKaL 03-03-2013 10:11 AM

Or some files and a WHOLE lot of free time. Make me one while you're at it! ;)

Bartman 03-03-2013 12:08 PM

I have a mill, and a freind with water jet :-)

So I m sure it wont be that hard of a thing to do. Just need to order the hammer catch , was hopping That Mike had something set up in The US for parts, so i will have to ship from the US.


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