Sub 100 The sub 100 section is going to be for paintball guns (pump, electric, mech, etc) that are under $100 shipped. A special section for the bargain hunters out there.

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LeBron James Infinity Legend!!!!


Yes folks this is Lebron's personal Infinity Legend!!!!!

Ok, so now that I have your attention....... I picked up a bunch of old gear from a very nice/interesting fella local to me. I was after some cocker stuff but it came as a lot and he was really proud of this marker. He claims it was used by LeBron in a "bizarre" Sprite Commercial. Well, If you Google LeBron sprite paintball commercial a truly "bizarre" commercial pops up and yes he is holding a polished Legend throughout. Obviously no way of saying this is it but if you like LeBron, paintball, midgets and people in tongue costumes it may be just what you need.

As far as this thing goes it's in fair condition externally. The noid was damaged at some point and is removed from the marker. Looks like the wiring is cut on the noid. Comes with all the extra wiring pictured and a new set of eyes. Has a board installed and internals. Also comes with the Lapco barrel pictured. Obviuosly this is a project and need to go to somebody that know these and likes to tinker. Seller advised me he has been in contact with "Glen" from Infinity and he has new noids for these for $50. No clue of this is true

Anyway I will say $85 shipped and I must say that is an absolute steal for a broken paintball marker that LeBron may (or may not) have held.......

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ill take it
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That commercial is wack.
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Well, next time I drop acid I won't drink sprite.
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Clever commercial....and at least most of them were wearing masks.
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I remember when that commercial came out there was all sorts of praise on pbn. Saying "paintball is gonna be mainstream soon"!

10.5 bps is for pussies
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