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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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I guess he should have.
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Who, vozzy? That happens a couple times a month.
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Pumps in the Woods
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Originally Posted by Detachment Bravo View Post
Who, vozzy? That happens a couple times a month.
It looks like it. But to be on topic dude just tell things blow over you've served your time, and its over it was a misunderstanding and everyone is human.
Anything worth doing is worth over doing, Moderation is for Cowards


"Make (your attacker) advance through a wall of bullets. I may get killed with my own gun, but he’s gonna have to beat me to death with it, ‘cause it’s going to be empty." Clint Smith

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I think everybody goes thur a little bit of trouble when their new here. i did most of my friends did it's how MCB weeds out bad seeds. so stick with it and I think you'll really like it here.

Cake or Death???
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
the mods here suck...
I love you MAR and its not the 6 or 10 beers I have drunbk
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To post this up is in bad form in my opinion. Especially if you have already corresponded with Painthappy. Thing is the rules are on the front page. Multiple names and one IP are going to raise a flag every time. This is not the Nation, so if you think being aggressive in how your post or raise concerns is going to help, it won't. Harb is a fair guy but he gets to the point very quickly! I remember him in the scenario section on PBN years ago and used to crack up when the ban hammer came down. I guess what I'm saying is these Mod's have heard it all so relax, your on MCB. We wear Hawaiian shirts and don't care. Oh ya, Good luck with your sale! Feyd..............
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Thread has served its purpose, so I am closing it here.

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." ~ Lily Tomlin
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