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The Man With No Plan
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SSC Freak Boring - Update!

Hey guys

Just wanted to throw all the information out here.


Barrel Boring $35, includes return shipping AND confirmation
*International shipping $5*

Barrels I will accept:

Round Outter Diameter Barrels
-Phantom Barrels
-Grey Ghost
-Kaner Backs (newer style)
-Stock Spyder
-SP All American Backs
-New Empire Trraccer Barrel
-Dye UL Backs
-1 piece CP's (new and old)
-CP Backs
-Sanchez Orbidium
-Redz Pepper Sticks
-Stock WGP
-007 Back
-WGP 2 Piece
-Superbolt 2 Piece Barrel
-CCM 1 Piece Barrels
-Zodiac Zr1 Shiv Backs
-Dye 1pc Aluminum
-Angel A1 Backs
-Evil Pipe Backs ($5 Window charge)
-Smart Parts Barrels
-Machine Vapor Backs
-DP Threshold Backs
-DP Rev-I Backs ($10 Window charge)
-1 piece Bob Long Barrels
-2 piece Bob Long Barrels (need the tip)

Barrels I will NOT accept:

Super wavy OD's
-1pc Twist Lock
-Planet Eclipse Shaft 2/3/4 Backs
-Dye Stainless Boomsticks
-Stainless Steel ANYTHING
-CCM 2 Piece (ccm back oring groove makes it too thin)
-Carbon Fibre ANYTHING
-Invert Mini Stock Barrel
-Empire Axe Stock Barrel
-Tiberous Barrels

The Process:

PM Me for shipping/payment info
Ship barrel (please clean it, a quick squeegee goes a long way!)
I bore (~7-10 days)
You pay
I ship back, first class with confirmation
Feedback is optional, if you leave it for me, i will gladly do the same

Barrels will be done in the order they are received
(unless duplicate barrels arrive, then i do them by type, then order)
Please PM me when you are ready to ship.

-Ryan Stanchfield
Super_Stanchy Customs
About Me - Super_Stanchy Customs
(site is not updated with 2011 pricing)

SSC is on Facebook TOO!

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Don't judge me, monkey.
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Count me in, sir. PMing ya back.
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Closed bolt FTW
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any discount for doing more than one barrel at a time?
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The Mad Russian
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Brass and Wood Fan
I have a 6" Phantom barrel I still need to have bored out... Just gotta find it...
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Post Whore
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Send a message via AIM to oldironmudder

I have 3 barrels I need cut, 2 Lapcos (cocker & raptor threads) & 1 AKA. I can measure the raptor before sending it if you need me to.
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Arkansas Paintball Exchange <-BST for Arkansas & surrounding states
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The Man With No Plan
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yes you get a discount on multiples, but i am settin a limit on # FIVE
i took 14 for a group.... and now im behind, never again!

discount is -$1x so 5 barrels would be $30+$29+$28+$27+$26 including shipping and tracking

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Add me to the list if the Traccer barrel works out
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Count me in as well. Sorry I didn't see this thread with the date of new orders.

Autococker threaded standard bore (.689?) Javelin barrel to be bored.

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I'd like to get a stock Phantom barrel done. PM sent.

Carter's Commando Texas Division

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I may be getting in touch with you about a 8 inch pahntom barrel and some form of angel LCD barrel.. once I get the package and choose which one I'm going to anno with the marker after you bore it. any problems with a LCD barrel?
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