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super_stanchy 12-17-2012 08:36 PM

12/17 update - The weekend recap
Its monday!

I had an adventurous weekend.... to say the least... hahaha

worked 12.5 hours on friday (7am to 730pm) got home, packed my pb gear up
got up at 7, was out the door by 8am to head south for Elves VS Reindeer!

For those that dont play up here in the PacNW, EvR is a yearly christmas themed low key scenario that doubles as a fundraiser for TRAC (more info on that later)! I sponsored the raffle this year, and had Adam from OCD make up so sweet SSC/OCD How the Grinch Stole Christmas headbands, they turned out amazing!

Played in the rain/mud/cold/wind all day, shot my phantom and t2, had a blast

Raffle raised $1,000+ for TRAC, which is uhhhh-mayyy-zing!
I won a pod caddy, Hater Sauce, Marmalade and a Exalt Barrel Maid! (How fitting the gun tech won grease haha)

Got home, cleaned up, went to my day job's christmas party, got our bad *** ornaments we made (this is the 5th one, 5 years in a row, they were made in house, they light up, they are wayyyy cool!)

***gotta take a pic and post it for ya to see!***

Got up sunday, had somebody want to come look at the SSC Bus "Robobee" so I started her up, drove her down the street to get gas, then to starbucks and home. As im backin into the driveway.... she stalls, I try to start her, and she wont, I see some white steam (or so I thought), drop it in neutral, roll it down the driveway and the steam gets darker... now its light grey. it doesnt smell like a over heated radiator, its a little more rubber/sulfery, not some much sour/stale of coolant. I jump out and see a glow from under the hood. she caught fire. neighbor is an emt, he saw the whole thing and had 911 called before i was even out of the bus. fire department shows up, cuts the hood off, shoves a hose in the engine and puts her out. bus is DEAD. :censored:

I got some cnc lathe time in, and made up a couple tipx/a5 threaded barrels, they are for sale HERE.

After that I got on the mill and started working on a pair of matching halfblock cockers for a couple local guys! Milled the wings off the front, and did all of the HB milling, minus the slots (ran outta time)

I have 5 freak bores, 2 PA builds, 1 Midblock, 2 Halfblocks, 2 Broached TPC's, and a few other things on my plate that need to get finished.

Im busy, but its all manageable.

Hope everyone has a safe holiday, and I hope my bus catchin fire is the scariest mine is!


FrankW 12-17-2012 10:22 PM

That's a crazy looking fire Ryan... lol Glad you escaped!

big jim 12-17-2012 10:45 PM

Was he still interested in the bus?

Sorry, to hear about the loss.

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