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blackrain 04-04-2010 03:46 PM

Equipment, gun reviews and write ups.
2 Aug 2010
I have been updateing a little bit. Eventually all my reviews will be moved here:

This is where Team Blackrain will review all Equipment, Guns and everything in between. I feel an exstensive review is always best when buying new equipment. I was recently told I write books. Compare a book to a few paragraphs and a little more info is in there somewhere.


blackrain 04-04-2010 11:36 PM

RAZA Life Jersey Review:

I first read about RAZA Life paintball at this review link on MCB:

Now I'm someone who doesn't really fall for paintball hype on new equipment or a clothing line. After reading the review I seemed comfortable with calling the company.

First a little back tracking history:

How this all started was that I donot like to advertise for a company I have no affiliation with,that's something the AGG players and follower players are for. They just have to have that new company jersey with that company LOGO PLASTERED ON THE FRONT. Well that's not me and never will be.

I do own an Animal Paintball Jersey,but never had my name or number put on it,because they looked cheap with iron lettering and numbering. The logo was hardly noticeable and that's what I liked. It was just a visual for the company and if people asked where I bought it,I told them. Plus it fit my personality.

They offered what other companies did not,hidden logo and something that was tailored for me. That was a few yrs ago.

Flash Forward:

Enter RAZA Life. Wild designs and tailored to the player who wanted something personalized and exactly what they paid for.

So while in Japan and after reading the review,I take the chance and call. I speak with Mike. Asked him about the pre made shirt I wanted and if he could do a few alterations. Not a big request,just a personal touch.

His answer was "yes we can do that". So now I'm comfortable with this company,I get a "YES" to a request,when other companies would have said "NO", or charge me an outragious price for modifications.

Once again,I'm not a LOGO man and that was what I wanted eliminated, the word "RAZA" on the head band of the skull. Mike agreed with me. He believes you should have what you want. However My Jersey still has the company logo,which doesn't bother me. Reason being,because it is a very Professional Sports Jersey LOGO patch and tackfully placed at the lower left part of the Jersey.

Okay I lied,there are a few more logos but I didn't notice them till tonight:

So he gives me the estimated time it will take for the jersey to be ready to ship.

(I won't mention that time limit,because if they ever have equipment trouble and can't make the dead line then someone will refer back to this review. So get the time line from RAZA.)

So I pick my size. Big mistake. I knew I should have gotten the 3X and not the 2X. It fits very well,but I just wanted a little more room. Good thing I lost a few pounds while in Japan.
Even though I picked the 3X I called after I paid and changed it to a 2X. No problem there,just an email reminder to Mike after talking with him. Problem solved. :D

So while I think I'm going to be in Japan longer,I get my email saying the jersey is shipped. Now I'm pissed,another month till I see it. Next day get orders to head home,now I'm happy!!!!

I arrived home one day before the jersey. Package shows up the next day. I'm impressed!!!!

The lettering "BLACK RAIN" looked like it belonged on the shirt. It didn't have that TACKY/RUBBERY IRON ON LOOK. Lazer printing is awsome.

The fabric was very lite and mesh vented on the side for a nice air way passage. This is good,my FAT A$$ sweats alot. I need to keep cool.

The fit was perfect,only I wish I would have bought the 3X,just for extra room. Guess I'll have to stay trim :ROTFL: . The sleeves fit excellent,not baggy or to long, just right.

I'm a stickler for sewn goods,I guess because I sew and I do alot of projects on the sewing machine with my Mom. So I decided to check out the inside of the shirt.

My Impression is this:

Whoever does the sewing and serging at RAZA Life,give them a raise and don't let them quite!!!!!!!!! It was perfection. I didnot find a missurged area, a loose thread or any trailer strings that could get snagged or pulled and unravel the sewing. I have had jerseys in the past that had these type of defects which caused (RE) sewing on my part.
This is the very reason I began making my own. Well I guess I'll just stick with RAZA Life if this is the type of service I will always receive with any order I make.

Over all fit was excellent:

I was very impressed with the V Neck. Not tight,just snug and I have a 18-19 inch neck. So comfort is important to me.

My overal impression of this company is something I have not seen in paintball in a long time. ONE on ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE is excellent in all ways from discussing the design to final product.

I hate talking to an answering machine. That is what has stopped me from buying alot of items over my 22 yr paintball career. Talking to a person makes a sale so much better.

What I liked most about the service was the front lettering on my shirt. I wasn't sure what type lettering I wanted,and I just told Mike," Just do whatever makes the lettering look like it belongs". That's exactly what he did and I was satisfied 100% :D

I do plan on buying another. Once I learn how to do picture formating, I'll design my own. For now my next purchase will be my sponsor banner.

So if your looking for a custom jersey or a pre made jersey that you could personalize,I would contact Raza Life for your needs or your team needs.

blackrain 04-04-2010 11:40 PM

Oregon Hydrographics Review:

Price is quoted by number of parts you send. It is best to contact Mike and also EMAIL him a picture of what you want done. There has been a confusion to the price I paid. My Price is not a standard price. It was based on the number of parts that I sent in.

Another important thing to know is this. Mike does not take guns apart, nor assemble them. That is totaly on the person who owns the gun. DURA Coat cannot be used for a finish. Mike is still working with a local guy to figure out how to use Dura Coat for a permanent coating

This process doesnot remove any anodizing. The gun parts are scuffed with sand paper then it is cleaned to remove all impurities, then the base coat is applied. From base coat to cure time is a 24hr window.
For information on the dipping process, please see videos.

YouTube - a camouflage paint stock
YouTube - Wassertransferdruck by Sturm Exclusive

As you can see in the videos,what Mike has explained to me,it's just water pressure pushing up on the part as it's pushed down or at an angle.The film is coated with the activator that sticks to the base coat.
All holes are plugged up before dipping.

Oregon Hydrographics

In my opinion the only prep work needed is the gun getting painted with the adhesive paint. Your gun doesn't need to be anodized,just send Raw parts. They are unique patterns and cost less than a custom anodizing job. That multi color parts gun you have laying around can now get one even coat of film on it. Great patterns for milsim guns. Can get team guns in same pattern. Don't like it after a while,drop it in paint thinner, scrub it off and get a new cover. Doesn't change you tolerences no matter how many times you change out the design.

Well you can't get an acid wash if that's your flavor. If you don't want your gun painted or scuffed,then this isn't for you. No fades,unless there is film that I haven't seen yet.

Middle of the road feelings:
A whole gun cost about the same price a single color anodized gun. However you really get more. Take a camo pattern for instance. A custom anodizing or dura coat would cost a few hundred. There is no buffing prep or bead blasting. Dura coat still requires cleaning and scuffing as well as a base coat,just like hydrographing. There is not a limit on what a tray can hold,but as with all of these methods,there is a charge for extra parts. Hey you have to set limits at some point.

My feelings
It's something new. It's good for the sport and it's a cheaper alternative. If you think your going to have this in a week,because you have a tourney in a week,it's not happening. I've let Mike know about issues such as this. I think a 10 day turn around time is perfect. That 10 days DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TO HIM OR YOU GETTING IT BACK. That 10 days is his time alloted to do the job. I really hope that Mike does well. I hope that this becomes yet another choice that players have in the sport.

My experiance so far has been a good one. I have been on the phone with the owner Mike Cole several time. Yes I have been bugging him and checking progress and asking questions. He's a real nice guy and I imagine this will turn out well for him in the future. He has answered all my questions,talked with me about the process that my marker will be going thru.
He is very new to paintball,so he's understanding that all paintball guns aren't the same. So sending a picture to him and discussing the gun on the phone would be a great courtesy to him.
I think I'm the first Sniper/Auto Cocker he's done.
I know there is a guy from Oregon on this board who is having some team work done as well. So if he has trouble with my Sniper, or any other marker,could you please help him out with all the differences of the guns.:).

I think this will be a good thing for many in the future. You will actually have the option of anodizing or Hydrographic covering. Compared to some prices on camo anodizing, this seems like a better alternative.

How this came to be:
I was going to use another company on the East Coast. However I dragged my feet once again contemplating this process. Then Oregon Hydrographics pops up out of nowhere on MCB. Figured it was only a State away and with in driving distance if I wanted to deliver this personally. I did think about this for a while.
I noticed no one on MCB was going to take the chance, so I figured why not. Well after a few emails and some calls I was comfortable with my desicion to send out my gun. Money is tight all around,so I have to get as many BANGS FOR MY BUCKS as I can.
I also asked about Skull patterns and Mike directed me to a site that carried what I needed. The pattern was originolly for his partners riding gear (Tell him thanks for bitting the bullet on the skulls).I really appreciate him giving up the graphic for me.

There was one snag. I had a two piece barrel. Neither one of use knew which was the top of the barrel. This was important for the joining seam on the Freak Tip I sent. The seam has to be to the bottom of the barrel. So had to pack up the Freak Back and get it off to him. So a small delay on the base coat.
This is important information to know. Even if you are just sending in a barrel.

Pictures of freshly dipped gun:

Received the first set of pictures today. I did not receive any with what a base coat looks like on the parts. However if you look at the videos you can see what the actual process is. Base coate doesnot determine the color of white items. Here are the pictures of a freshly dipped gun:

The Frame:

The Barrel:

The Body:

These parts are waiting for a clear coat. I asked Mike to spray it down with the shiney stuff. You actually get a choice of coating type. From dull to shiney.
Note how all holes are plugged and that the decal, even adheared to the inside of trigger frame. Another point of critique is the seam on the barrel. I'm really going to look at that. I'll post UP CLOSE PICTURES of everything. So far Iam very impressed with the service that I have received from Oregon Hydrographics.

Clear coated parts:

More updated pictures. Mike sent me these pictures today. I like it. The first picture shown is the barrel seam. It's on the bottom of the barrel so it will never be seen. I'd probably really have to look for this. However since it is a close up you can see it. I know as I post this on various sites there will me be some 14 yr old pro who knows everything saying " you wouldn't get a seam if it was anodized". I also told Mike to expect this type of comment. If your worried about a seam,then this isn't for you.

Next is a front half body shot. Basically to show the "no seam visual". I think the chrome brings it out. Can't wait to get the other chrome parts on.

Next is a full body shot.

Here is a picture with the barrel sock. It has 1000d Cordura under it. I think Mom out did herself on this one. Ignore the upside down body,Wife took the picture and I'm still in San Diego. So I'm talking her thru bulk up loading on photo bucket and set ups lol.

So let's finish this review up. Now that I have had a chance to actually look at this, I really like it more than when I saw the pictures.
It is very shiney and coated well.

The pictures show like a chocolate swirl, or something out of a Horror movie effect in the bolt are. That is ment in a good way. I liked how the Skulls blend in with each other.This is where it all came together. It gives it that Psyco look.
This gun was extensivly milled. So just trying to get everything perfect was hard enough. The swirl/Phsyco look gives it Character.

The body was actually masked in half. No choice in the matter. I knew that going in. I'm sure the WAVE milling was a challange all it's own.

I'm including pictures of the gun bottom ,top, and side views. I'm also including pictures of the frame. I want you to see how everything is covered.

Well the last of the parts arrived. It includes the Front block,the SC feed tube and a CCI quick change. They were all done very nice. I can't think of any thing else to have done. Now I just need to get the other parts and put it all back together.

Feed Tube:
Here is a side view with the site slot. This is the side that was seamed:

180 view:

Front Block:
I'll show several views of this. There are alot of holes on this part. Not one bit of paint or graphic was found in any hole.
However the most important area is the side view of the graphic. Let's be honest, the front will be covered by pneunatics and the back won't even be seen:

Front view:

Rear view:

Left side:

Right side:

CCI quick change:
This came out real nice. Yes I know there is still Red showing, but you just don't want to paint on threads. This part will never be seen,since it screws into the ASA and the Bucket changer.

Non seam side:

This is the side with the seam:

Well we have come to the end of this review. I'm personally happy it's done lol. For the price of a single color Splash ano, I was able to get something I liked. It also fit my personality. This is a great process. I hope someone doesn't ruin it by trying to trash Or. Hyd. on the internet if their item doesn't arrive on time due to a Holiday. However there are those people out there.

These are very nice people that are providing us a unique service. Once again paintball has a new flavor:D
I'm positive we will see alot of more personalized guns out on the fields with this producy spread acroos them:)

Now the question is, would I use them again. Well I have a body ready for some covering if that means anything :D.

Was I happy with the work? Yes I was.
I think it gives the players more options than just anodizing. It's new and the process can only get better and popular with more paintball guns being done.
So give Mike Cole a call and get a price for your next project.


blackrain 04-04-2010 11:42 PM

Stinger Paintball Design gun Grip Review

Contact them you won't be sorry.
Stinger Paintball Designs - Paintball Hand Grips, Gun Racks, Accessories, Custom Back Plates, Painted Hopper Body Kits

First off I would like to say they have EXCELLENT customer service. I spoke with a person everytime I called. They were very friendly and answered all my questions.

I had spoken with Mark a while back about making grips for my ANS 90* frame. As I could not find anything that really fit the frame. Mark explained to me that Stinger could make the grip panels I was looking for.

For $35.00 this was just perfect for me.
We then got in a discussion about what picture I wanted for the grips. I was looking for something EVIL. However Mark was looking at something the same as the body print.

Mark said the body graphic was VERY BUSY and that anything else would just distract from the whole gun itself. He recommended using the same design. I took his word on this and I just let him do everything. I felt good enough that a quality job was going to be done and I would just leave it to the EXPERT when it came to the design,shade and overall appearance.

I called Oregon Hydrographic and asked Mike for permission to use the design. He allowed me to use it this ONE time for grips.

I then E-mailed Mark a copy of the design and then mailed the frame. Upon arrival, Tracy E-mailed me letting me know the frame arrived. I then called and asked for a time frame and Mark and I discussed the height and design of the grips. Since I wasn't going to use the ANS logo, Mark suggested to just cover the Logo indent.

How long did this take, don't ask. They may not be able to complete your grips in the same time they did mine. So we will leave it at that.

Today I received an E-mail (5 Nov. 08) that my frame was ready. They sent me my paypal invoice, and I paid as soon as I got near a computor.

Here is the result:

10 November 08

So I received the frame and grips today. I really looked at these closely for any flaws or rough areas. I did not find any noticable FLAWS
The edges were very smooth. I could not feel any roughness and all around the chamfer was clear of clouding.

The back was very smooth. Basically it's just a big sticker that is applied. I know there is more involved than it just being a sticker,but for trade secrets, Stinger could not send me process pictures for this review.
I totally understand their reasoning behind their decision.

So on with the pictures:

It Came well packaged. Everything was bubbled wrapped and surrounded by foam peanuts. This really made me take notice that they are a quality company by their packaging.
It shows they care for their customers items. I usually guage repeat business on packaging. The grips were also in a separate plastic bags with the fastners that are needed to attch the grips to the frame. Fastners were also in their own bag.

All layed out:
I tried to look for a scratch, and could not find one. It's just me being me lol. The face was very smooth. The graphic was straight and not crooked or at a slant. This made me very happy. This shows that care is taken and pride is taken in one's work.

The back side:
Again I tried to look for a flaw or a tiny scratch,and could not find either. By this time I'm really grining from ear to ear. QUALITY was all I could say to myself.
However I had to pass these on to my biggest critics, my Wife and my Mom. They closely inspected each item. They are a big part of all my reviews. If it's junk they will say without hesitation:D.
They were VERY PLEASED with the work and I have been given the OK to use Stinger again:D

Grips on frame:
Simple task people, they even give you instructions and the fastners. If you screw it up, you shouldn't been playing paintball. I'm not really into black fastners, so I will replace the grip screws with stainless steel fastners. That way they all match on my Paint slinger. It's nice that they give you fastners to begin with. It is a standard part of the grip process to provide the fastners.

Will I use Stinger Paintball Design again?

Well I have a few more frames that need panels made. I give them a 9-7/8 out of 10. This is my standard rating, because that's just me.
I would recommend Stinger to anyone I know. They are quality people with quality service.
I'm not a big name in paintball,however I felt I was treated as such.

They custom made me grips when no one else would and didn't try and blow me off by saying "We only do the popular frames, or We are only set up to do certain types of frames".
They could have charged me a large amount of cash, but they didn't. I felt it was a fair price for the work and design.
I wish the entire paintball industry would follow examples such as this. Customer care should be #1

So Tracy, Mark, expect more weird frames in the future from me and hopefully many others who read this review.

Blackrain :D

blackrain 04-04-2010 11:44 PM

Palmer Stabalizer on a scuba Tank:

Tell Palmers Pursuit what size Scuba tank you have. 3000 PSI Aluminum or 4500 PSI Steel. They will need this information.

If you are uncomfortable using tools or are unsure of what needs to be done,seek the proper people that can help.

Ask all questions you need to about High Pressure and Low Pressure prior to buying your Stabalizer. I gave Lori the operating pressure of my Scuba tank. I told here I wanted an Out Put operating pressure of 0-800 PSI High Pressure. she made her recommendations to me, which was perfect. Basically now I have a large Bottle to do all my testing and Grenade making with.

We had a nice conversation and she as always like everyone at PPS was very helpful. She even apologized for it not being able to go out till the next day,because the Stabalizer had to be built for the proper specs.

So what I now have is a perfect set up that will make me or anyone else happy.

So give PPS a call and tell them what your needs are.

If you or anyone out there has ever had any doubts about Palmers Pursuit Palmers Pursuit Shop!, Where Custom Still Means Something get them out of your head now.

The burning question on MCB "Ask the expert" was about hooking up a scuba tank to a paintball gun.

Lots of question and replies with ideas and and fixes. Then someone in the thread mention Palmers Pursuit Stabalizer. I went to PPS site and looked around. The next day I was on the line with Lori. Told her my needs of Out Put and In put air and she took great care of me.

This was probably the best $109 dollars I have ever spent in paintball. Although it ate my paintball budget up for the weekend and I couldn't play, it was well worth it.

This is what came in the mail:

Now alot of people will say that's alot of money,but we all spend money on paintball mods that are absolutley useless. I really see no sense of running my scuba tank into my tank attached to my gun. I'm only testing it, not filling my tank.

That's me, I like to do several things with one set up. It just saves alot of time for me. Also I have a few ASA plugs laying around.

I would advise to take the guage option. It was very helpful during adjustment. I still have a few thousand dry shots left to break in the reg, like all regs require a break in time. Now that I have a test area, I might as well shoot all the old paint I have.

It's very easy to attach. Just get your fill adapter and remove the fill nipple. Put some thread tape on the Stabalizer threads and screw it in, then tighten down with a wrench.

Then I added the hose. This remote hose had a quick disconnect and a slide check. This is perfect for my set up that I need. I purchased this Extreme Rage remote hose from a local shop.

If you don't have a remote hose, PPS does sell the entire unit together minus the yoke,which you will need.

The Stabalizer came pre set at 400 PSI, which was a great starting point for me. I soon adjusted it to 700 PSI. Eventually I'll move it up to 800 PSI. I'll wait till I break it in some more.

So whoever posted the idea of using a PPS Stabalizer,thank you very much.
PPS, thank you very much for the great product.

I hope this has helped to clear up any questions that others need to know. Sorry I didn't get very in depth with this review,but it is really self explanitory.

Blackrain :D

Someone asked how to do the set up, so I'll add this:

Attach the filler to tank as normal:

Put slide check in rear position:

Put quick disconnect nipple in gun ASA with proper ASA adapter:
Leave the slide check in rear position.

Slowly turn on tank. Watch your guages still they stabalize. Once that is done, open tank fully:

Move slide check into forward position and shoot your gun:
It's really that simple.


blackrain 04-04-2010 11:46 PM

Inside the Milsims Lab Airsoft BB Grenade:

Milsimlabs Airsoft BB grenade event mine

Received an email from the owner Seth. Told me the PVC pipe is used to push down on the plunger. This gives you the extra leverage needed for the 200 airsoft BBs.

Update notes from the site:

"Firing" mode can be set by the user. They can go off on impact or set to fire on a trip wire!!

Optional "pull pin" type safety!!

Up to a 200 BB payload!!

Much more user friendly and easer to load!


Let's get this straight now, This is only a review. It's something I really like to do. If I feel I or someone who plays paintball or Airsoft can bebefit and save a few dollars, I like for everyone to know about that item and the company.
I thought this was a real neat thing, so I bought one. Now anyone who has made paintgrenades over the yrs has figured this out by now. I really want to move into milsim/airsoft direction with my grenades, so I figured this kit would help to do just that. I bought this for the simple fact, that I like to keep good ideas around in paintball, and this is one of them. They were very nice people too.
I'll add more to this review when I make some. Can this kit be made much cheaper? I'm sure it can, but I like to show courtesy to those that make items such as this. Would I ever try to reproduce and sell it? NOPE, this is his idea and not mine. I think it was priced perfect. I will try to hook up the tubing to my machine for faster load, but this will be great at the field.

What I received for my $20.00. You can see all the parts that came with it.

1- 9-7/8 piece of 1-1/2 PVC pipe
2- 49" of what looks to be over a 1/4 OD of poly tubing tubing with 3/8 center
3- Bag of tubing , clamp, BBs and zip ties
4- 100cc syringe

I didnot receive cotter pins and rings. Upon closer inspection of the clips, I can see why. They are very tight when you clamp them down. This must have been their improvement that they spoke of.

The "pull pins" are not available yet, they are easily found @ your local hardware store, drilling one hole in the "safety" is required to install them

So let's hook it up:
First you connect the syringe to the tubing:

Next, push tubing thru back of PVC pipe and thru hole:

Next push syringe thru the back of PVC pipe till you bottom out. So now you are all set to make airsoft grenades:

So let's load a BB nade:
Here everything is loaded and ready to go.

I went to the local ACE hardware and bought a hose clamp. This worked well. Even an IDIOT like me knows that high pressure will shoot off a hose that is not clamped.

So we are all clamped and ready to go. Note location of white clamp in open position.

Lets fill it with water. MOM helped holding the stuff so I could take the shots.

Once filled push in the plunger:

Put pvc section on hard surface and push down on plunger (Sorry no picture showing this, no one was brave enough lol). BBs will give a little hesitaion, but will be forced in eventually. Here we are with the first fill of water and BBs. 100cc worth of water. After, Hold down plunger and clamp off the grenade by pushing in the white tab.

Being me I never follow instructins, so I gave myself an extra inch of tubing and add an extra 100cc of water. 200 cc total and 200 BBs. After the fill remove red clamp and fill tube. Install trigger BB. How far you push it in is up to you for trigger sensitivity. Give it a chance to dry a little, or it will shoot everything out when clamp is released to throw.

My over all rate 9-7/8 out of 10.
Reason being, a hose clamp should be provided.

I was very impressed with the overall performance. Great bounce and BBs went everywhere. Please wear safety glasses when making and using these. I felt I got my monies worth, then again I like unique items. I'm going to give this to my friends kids, they play airsoft on their 2 acre wooded yard. So give these guys a call:
Milsimlabs Airsoft BB grenade event mine

Blackrain :)

blackrain 04-11-2010 07:13 PM

Air Challenger MG7 Plus.

Air Challenger MG7 Plus:

MG7 Owners Group:

Iam reviewing the Air Challenger company,not WGP. Reason being it's not made by WGP. One must review the actual maker,now that it's out in the open of who really makes this gun.

In my honest opinion,just by looking at this gun and not shooting it yet,I see alot of milsim/speed ball body shell possiblity. Just selling blow molded shells for this gun would open a whole new market in the paintball industry. It would give the player a better option with low cost shells,to be able to switch for the type of milsim/ scenario/ speedball event they will be attending. Or just give their speed ball gun look a different appeal with exotic shell coverings that look an expensive mill job,but aren't

Take for instance,you are going to an Alien scenario,you can just switch your shell to a space lazer gun type looking shell. Or your attending a WWII scenario,just switch out to a Grease gun shell or a German machine gun shell.

It's a very simple idea. I personally would make shells in white or neutral color and let the player be able to paint them on their own. A little sand paper,primer and Krylon,or a nice air brush would really make a player feel that the gun is thier own and not just what the factory wants you to have.

A player can personalize the marker to his/hers own liking.

It's really a no brainer and a great old school style version of drop in kits. The kits would actually be cheaper than buying new guns,and if they are made properly and sturdy,you will have a loyal customer for a long time.

The Inspire company also sells this same gun in an AR version body shell and an AK version body shell.

That being said,it's what made me want to buy the MG7 Plus. I knew it would be a cheaper price and I was getting the same version for quit a few hundred less.

Just got this in yesterday (4 April 2010) and have not had a chance to air it up and shoot it. Still a little Jet lag and getting back in the groove of home.

My first impression of the gun was excellent. I've never been one to put down a gun because it's plastic.

I'll leave that for all the Pro Players that only go on hear say and have to promote the $1000 junk they are forced to shoot by sponsors, or just make assumptions because it's not what is in for the yr.

We all know those players,know everything about a new product but have never used it or are to dumb to learm how it works.

So me,I just give the plain truth as I would expect others to give about my product.

The MG7 Plus has a nice amount of weight to it. It's not to lite or to heavy. Balanced just right It's just perfect for me.
When I put a drop on it,it will be even better balanced,but that's me,I like a drop.

The barrel is your standard stock barrel,but that doesn't mean it's not good or it cannot be improved. I'm looking at a freak mod for this barrel. However I still need to see how the stock barrel shoots with different style paint and how much roll out I get.

The feed neck is just a standard stock non clamping feed. I'll have to figure out the threads and see if I can find something on the open market that will fit it. That's If I decide to use a clamping feed.
I did try to fit my DYE Primo loader in the feed neck,but it is too loose. Guess I'll just put a little tape around the feed neck. As for a loader I feel that an A5 low profile would work,if they made them with a standard feed neck.

The battery is accessible thru the back of gun via removing a screw. The battery cap is just a very standard battery cap. I feel a heavy duty battery cap is in store for this in a future mod.

The fire modes are changed using an allen wrench. I need to look more into this when I take it apart. Seems that a new button can be added and the outside of the grip button hole open up a little to accomadate a new button mod.

The difference in multi funtion board on the MG7 Plus and inspire gun is the selector switch. Where on inspire guns,the swith is moved to select fire mode in mili secs and is user friendly for todays scenario player.
On the MG7 Plus you have to push with an allen wrech and go thru a series of lights.

If bodies were readly available, I would really torture this body,just to see how tough it really is.

What I have discovered over the last few day. The Regulator and frame ASA threads are not standard 1/8th NPT threads. So this will be a problem changing it out for standard ASA and Regulator 90* fittings. I'll probably just find a new low pressure reg and ASA. I'm use to a drop and feel comfortable using one. I just get a faster shooting and target site using a drop.

The reg internal:

The regulator is adjusted using an allen key. It's turned counter clockwise. I adjusted to 180 psi and it stayed shooting about 290 through out the day.

MG7 Plus Internals:
Courtesy of MG7 Forums

MG7 Plus Board:
Courtesy of PBpossum MG7 forum

Today I tested this gun out. I did not use an electronic hopper,I used a PROTO PRIMO gravity feed and a HITTMANN Barrel from Celanis paintball. Which was very good, except for the breaks I got in the barrel and chamber. At first I thought it was the paint I was using,or the tight bore barrel,but it was the hopper it's self.
Due to hopper depending on gravity and back blow,this would cause balls to chop.

To be very honest,if I had a force feed hopper,this gun would have operated flawless. I got 500 shots off a 4500 bottle. Which to me feels like an airhog,but to each his own. I felt I got my $75.00+ worth.
It shot very smooth and was quiet. It was very consistent in FPS. It fluctuated about 3fps between shots.

This is a great gun for any new player or experienced player in the game. It will keep up at 22 bps with eyes on and 15 BPS with eyes off.
Just using a gravity hopper I was able to give an Invert mini a little trouble with a few balls zinging his way. I was confident using this gun. Not really enough people playing today to really test it to full extent. What group I did play against were a few experienced players and a beginners group. Using it against beginners was a change.

The gun was basically on the same level if not better than a Tippmann A5.

I will test this gun with an Electronic hopper,I really should have,but I wanted to shoot as if I were just a beginner with new equipment. It felt good to be on the same level as a renter and playing against guns of better quality. I sent a few players packing. Between the barrel breaks,it shot exceptional.

My only real complaint is the frame ASA and Reg elbow threads. If you use a drop like I do,then you'll spend a few bucks upgrading with a new reg and drop.
As mentioned before,it would really be nice to see body kits made for this gun. Not only would it boost sales,but be more affordable for the new player to be able to have a decent shooting gun with many body options. Low end guns are not an embarrasment,and if companies took the time to invest in their own line instead trying to compete,they would probably stay around alot longer than most do.

The rec player is what keeps this sport going. I don't care what anyone says. When it comes down to it,any field worth their weight in salt knows who butters their bread.

A decent company out there would start selling body kits for this marker. It's an untapped market just waiting to happen.

This is a gun that has alot of potential for new players and rental fleets at fields. It' simple and solid.

As I have researched this gun further,I have found out that different boards from existing guns on the market can be used in them. I now have another board inbound and will follow up with my results. There are also locking feed necks that can replace the stock feed. This is a major improvement for this gun. So keep following this review,more to come.

25 April 2010

Testing at Alpine Paintball,Ca.

Since I was in Cali,might as well evaluate this gun somemore and have a good time doing it.

I did a little more testing today. Today I was at Alpine paintball in Alpine,Ca.. As promised I said I would continue this review. I had to use the field paint,which went right thru my tightbore barrel. Si I thru on the freak with a .682 sleeve. This was perfect for the field paint. I was able to hold a tighter chrono,which was 275,274,274,274,274.273. The field only allows chrono at 275 fps. So I was good.

The field paint I used was very round and didnot have any dimples or deformed. It was also house paint. Seeing how they are part of "Big Paintball" corp. which includes SC Village,Hollywood sports etc. There were a few G3s out today,but the main gun was a Tippy 98. So I wasn't really out gunned per say.

So I was just another walk on as usual. Which is perfect for testing.

I decided to use the eyes today. Let me tell you,it operated flawless. When I was out of paint,the gun stopped shooting. Sure sign. This is the advantage of using the eyes compared to not using. Never once did I have a jam nor a ball break. I was using a tippmann hopper,which is basically a Ricochet technology.

The paint shot straight with out a wing or curve,the freak did it's job today.

The gun as usual was very quite and very little to no kick. This is something I have to get use to. I'm so used to my Autococker's weight and kick. It was different not getting slapped in the lense with the back block or cocking rod. I was able to pull the gun in tighter than I was used to. Once I put a drop on it,it will be even tighter.

The gun being so small enabled me to just lean back enough to not really be seen. I found this to be to my advantage. I was able to just lean back slightly from a wall and shoot by the corners edge at the opposing players, seeing them but not seeing me right away.

I made myself very scarce with a low profile and I could actually see players looking for me. Sound signature was very low,so this was also another advantage. I usually listen for what others guns sound like when they are at the chrono. I think I had a little more stealth advantage as far as sound signature. That's just me saying this,others opinions may differ.

As the day went on,the reg was breaking in better with each game. I found myself having to fill up less as the day went on. 4 times filling for 1600 rnds and 10 games. That was way better than filling up before every game as I did before.

The stock board is very decent,but the buttons are just in there a little to far for my fat fingers. I'll see how the new board works out when I install it. That will also be another part of this review. so far now,we'll leave it right here.

5 May 2010

Well the new board is here and I'll be installing it as soon as the EYEs get here.Once again this gun performed flawless

I've recently aquired the MG7 Plus. The main purpose was to prove just how good a $70.00 gun is. This gun out of the box performs excellent. However I feel that improvements can always be made.

So I'm routed via Air Challenger and Darwin to

I start to get alot of ideas. Read alot of info. First thing that really catches my attention is board replacement. Let's face it,we all want a faster electro with alot of options.

So I order a new board.

Perfect price,-$100 off originol price tag.

My major problem was finding a pair of EYEs that would fit the board since the MG7 EYEs are on a 4 prong plug.

So djamp1983 directs me here:

Excellent service and nice people. Parts arrived very fast.

So now that all the players are in position,let's get ready to start:

Gun Dissassembly:

Let's take this thing apart and start taking some pictures.

Remove old board:

Remove Old Eyes:

Compare Board Size

Save old items for later use:

Never get rid of usable parts. They are good for a quick emergency,turning a fast buck at the field or using in a gun you pick up because the last owner was to stupid to maintain it.

Install new board:

Install new EYE's

Modify grip handle halfs to accept new buttons:

Going to have to pull out a file and add a new slot.

Program board:

Main goal is to find the correct dwell setting less air consumption. This thing is an air hog. Speed comes second.

15 May 2010


So let's add a little more to this. Seems 10 and 11 are about the best dwell for this gun. Regardless it's an AIR HOG. Any higher or lower and a 100 rnds will suck the tank dry. I guess perhaps a new bolt would be the fix. Only thing I could really think of. The gun does shoot a little faster than it did before. So that is an improvement. I'll start messing with the other settings now.
I can say this is a 4500 bottle gun.
With the average game lasting as long as they do,I don't really see the AIR HOG issue a problem. It just depends how you shoot.

Field test results:

16 May 2010:

Well I used it and not really impressed with the Virtue board. I didn't get the performance I wanted. The gun just didn't shoot to expectations. Good thing it was only $44.00. Maybe I'll try it at a later date. I was only getting 300 rounds to 3000 psi. Not very good if you ask me. It shot just a little faster than the stock board,but not much. Maybe a different type soleniod would help out with reaction time.

31 May 2010

Chrono results were eratic,I would get anywhere from 3 -20 fps jump.

Once I replaced the stock board,I was getting 1-3 fps difference. Strange I know,but like I said it could be the low end solenoid. Who knows.

The gun is still shooting straight using a FREAK kit. So no real complaints there

15 May 2010

While we are at it,I might as well put on a new feed neck:

I found this new on Ebay. One thing about this Matrix feed neck is. The threads do not go down all the way into the neck. There is dead space between the bottom of the feed and where it should actually stop. It does not affect operation of the ball feed nor gun function. This is a solid mod to add to this marker. If you're good at threading,then just chuck it up on the lathe and add a few more one you find out what the thread type is. In reality this will actually give you a lower profile feed neck.

31 May 2010

I'm going to chuck this up on the new lathe when I get home. I'm going to remove enough to fill in the dead space inside the body. The dead space doesn't really affect the feed rate or the feed,I just know what it looks like inside. It will also give it a much lower profile then what it has now.

31 MAy 2010.

Well I finally got to test the gun with 4500 psi fill. As this gun gets used,shot ratio goes up. The results were better than what I expected. I used three 4500 psi fills to shoot 2000 rnds. It was better results and more shots per tank. That's about 665.5 shots per tank. it's a 495 shot improvment over my first results.

Just hoping to see how this works out in the future. I still have about another month of testing.

At 8000 rnds so far and still haven't broken a round.

6 June 2010:

So I have hit well over the 10,000 rnd mark. Not one break,but a minor internal air leak which has been taken care of by a little grease and new O-rings. Although I had the small leak, it still functioned flawless. Being around sand/desert areas probably caused this issue. Sand blowing on the windy days. I never cleaned the gun,wanted to run it the way it was and see how good it held up.

While I was at it,I took the whole gun apart and lubed it with HATER SAUCE. It's all I could get for free around here. Which I appreciated a whole bunch.

So Maint is easy enough to do on this gun. Just watch how you take it apart.

Oring Monkey:

Now sells the entire oring repair kit for all the internal orings of the GUN. So contact him and ask for an MG7 repair kit.


My Overall opinion of this gun:

blackrain 04-11-2010 07:13 PM


So this hopper is all the RAVE amongst the Gravity feed crowd. So today I decided to give this hopper a work out and compare it to the Achron/Tacoma gravity hopper of similar style.

So this isn't a new idea,it's actually been out a few yrs. However internally it is different. DYE has taken it to a different level.

Today (11 Apr. 2010) I used my DYE PROTO PRIMO and Archon/Tacoma gravity hopper on my Air Challenger MG7 PLUS and WGP Autococker with Hittmann tight bore barrel.

Now to be honest I had to see what all the hype was. At $25.00 shipped I took the chance. However the Archon's were much cheaper at $9.00 shipped.

My first impression of the Primo.

It was very smooth and Egg shaped. The lid was a flip up style and clear. The shell seems very solid. It seemed to be at a perfect angle for feeding paintballs. It started off large at top and tappered down to a smaller bottom.

Upon looking inside I noticed that the ramp feed hole was split in two by a point. This interested me,so I had to look closer. So break out the phillips and open it up for all to see.

L/R halfs of shell:
Not how the ramp sits in the shell,using pre molded groove.

Upper ramp:

This is the portion the balls roll down and enter both the top and lower ramp feed holes. Note how the center is sunk in and both sides are slightly angled. The ramp is also bowed with tiny dibits on upper and lower side.

Ball Guide/splitter/guide:

So look at this as if it were a sports stadium entrance way and each ARCH is what controls ball traffic to go down a different hallway. Guiding it to the feed hole and keeping all traffic separated to not congest the feed hole. The popcoen effect is what disrupts the balls and helps feed the round. However there is always a congestion,always one idiot in the crowd :ROTFL:

Now let's look inside the Archon/Tacoma Hopper:

So take out the screw driver once again and take it apart.

Both halfs:

Notice how the ramp is not removeable and slopes down on both upper ends and is rounded on lower. Basically the balls are suppose to bump into each other and the back blow is suppose to create a popcorn effect freeing up the balls so that they are able to feed with out jamming. Yep like I mentioned before,there is always that one idiot in the crowd that wants do do things their way.

I decided to use the DYE Primo first. Figured I have a low end gun and I'm suppose to be a rec player today and have a good time with a birthday party that was going one. So I load up a hopper and off to the chrono station. So I chrono in and decide to shoot a hopper full. It shot excellenct till my first jam (I was not using eyes). Gave it a little shake,few rounds shot then the first break. Okay clean the barrel and use eyes. Well I still had to shake the hopper while rapid fire. When I shot on both modes,single shot,I didnot have a break.
I played a few games with the Primo,and to be honest I was very happy with it. To me, it wasn't like every other gravity feed hopper,it fed balls 100% better. To me it was very dependable. When it was feeding,it was dependable under fire. When it broke one in the breech,it would keep feeding. Can I blame the hopper? No not really. I can't even blame the gun,because I used it on my Auto Cocker with the same results.
Now I could have blamed the paint,but it was round and fresh. I was using Draxxus. Even the old stuff I used shot well till I broke one in the breech.
If you look at the many YOUTUBE videos,you'll notice players with the same results of ball breaks. But a little shake and your back in action.

As a long time player of this sport (22 yrs) I give this product an 9 out of 10. For it's excellent price and innovation. It's bought something new to paintball that isn't a piece of over priced junk. DYE has taken an old idea and given it new life and a fresh start.

As a rec player that was shooting what many consider a low end gun,I give this item a 10. Reason being it's a MUCH BETTER alternative to other hoppers that fall into the shake and bake catagory. Less clog and more feed. This means that the rec player will have less jams and more playing time,instead of shaking that over filled hopper:ROTFL:

By the way I did over fill this hopper and it worked as it would have 1/2 filled. The ramp does work and so does/do the feed port(s).

I really hope that DYE decides to make a smaller 50-100 round version. This will be a great open class hopper for Pump play. Even if the present version is used,I see this hopper having a great following in pump play.

So on with the Archon/Tacoma Hopper review:

As you can see from the pictures,It's not the same as the DYE Primo. However it worked the same. It's very bulky,but looking from a rec players point of view,it works better than your normal shake and back. I used this hopper on my Autococker and got the same results as the DYE Primo. Every so often I would have a breech break. It wasn't due to short stroke either. Although I didn't use this hopper on my MG7 PLUS during play,I did shoot over 300 rounds thru my MG7 into the woods at my home. I still got breaks.

As far as feed results,they compared even with the DYE hopper. Only difference is price and size. Even over filled,it worked very well.

As a rec player I would give this a 10 also. For the price you just can't beat it. Reliability is excellent for a shake and bake hopper. This would be an excellent hopper on rental guns for any field that uses a gravity hopper. Once again,reliable feed and more time playing for the weekend rec player.

For final results,I did use an Electronic hopper on both guns I used for testing. Never had a break in either breech or barrel. I would reccommend either of these hoppers to rec players and anyone who would want to play with a gravity hopper. Both are excellent and priced for your style of play or budget.

Either is a good hopper if your battery dies and you can't get a new one in your hopper. Some players prefer sleek over bulky,me,it doesn't matter. I'll shoot both. Once again these are just my opinions and opinions vary from player to player. So take this info for what it's worth and you make the decision of which to use.


blackrain 04-11-2010 07:18 PM

Hittmann Barrel:

New from Celanis Paintball:

"Precision placed porting eliminates back pressure while 6 flute straight rifleing increases range. Burnished to .6875" for competition consistency"

Well since I'm sponsored by Celanis Paintball,it is only right that I use and review their products that are offered. Just to be honest with everyone,so I could fully and honestly write this review, I paid full price and shipping for this barrel. No discounts or freebies here.

Well my initial opinion of this barrel was that it was very FUGLY. I like a barrel that is full all the way around. Only milling I really like to see is porting milling. However you never judge a book by it's cover before you read it.

These barrels were specially threaded for auto cockers and Traccers for Celanis Paintball. Celanis Paintball is the only shop that carries these barrels in this style of threading. They are made thru a reputable company,but I will let Celanis paintball handel that end. My only mission is to review and show my results.

Well since tight bore barrels are all the rage amongst the AGG players who have just discovered this 20+ yr secret, this should be right up there alley.

There were/are a few companies that have/make tight bore barrels,you will just have to find them. I remember in the 80's a company called Reb Line used to make Nelson clone drop in body kits,that were tight bore barrels specifically just for Nelson Paint or RP Schere paint. I even saw one that was chopped and milled to fit on a Bushmaster SI.

Thus enter the Freak system by Smart Parts. This was a revolutionary idea to be able to size the ball to barrel. I actually shoot a Freak System,but my mind has now been changed for the field paint and other brands of paint I use.

Well like I metioned,it's fugly,but it's mine and I going to run this thru the ringer. I used it on my MG7 Plus and 99" Auto Cocker. I did bust balls,but that was due to a gravity feed hopper (see my other reviews). The balls broke/pinched in the breech due to blow back.

Once I went to a battery force feed and over 500 rounds later,not one break. True straight shots. I haven't used a barrel this good in yrs. This maybe the last barrel I need for a long time. Now if I can only get them shorter, around 10" and 8" version. I'll have to check on that.

It was just the right tightness,ball did not squish when pushed in,just went in with a very nice friction fit. The internal straight rifling acts as detents to hold the ball straight and true, and yet leaving air gaps for air to travel around the ball evenly. I also did the blow gun test and with excellent results.

Rear Barrel fit:

The fit you see in the barrel pictures is the fit all the way thru the barrel.

Front Barrel fit:

The porting is tear drop that goes all the way around the barrel and down at forward angle. This allows the air to vent outwards and to the rear. This allowed to balls to fly true and straight. I was able to put the balls on target.

So far the only color that I have seen this barrel in is black. Not really my color,but then again it goes with any color on the gun. It fit very well on any cocker threaded gun I had.

So what is the future of this barrel for team blackrain? Well it's traveling to Calif with me later this week. Since I have used this in cold and rainy weather,I might as well use it in the contiuious warm weather of Southern Calif.

Iam not by far finished reviewing this barrel,I still have to use several brands of paint for testing. Just as a side note, I did use 5 month old Draxxus thru this barrel,and it work flawlessly.

So keep an eye on this review,because it's not done.


blackrain 04-24-2010 02:56 PM

Whiskey Two Four 100 rnd Pod pouch

Mission statement:

Whiskey Two-Four offers high quality, tough, well thought out products made by Americans in America.

Utilizing only the finest machines, tooling, software, and finishing processes available, WTF! products stand up to tough abuse on the field.

Because we have faith in our products, we don't need to think twice about offering a lifetime warranty. Should your WTF! product ever fail you in the course of normal play, send it back for a replacement.

Being a Soldier many yrs of my life,I depended on gear that would hold up to almost any enviroment I was put into. Well sometimes that doesn't work,especially since you are using everything from WWII,Korean and Vietnam era equipment. However the new MOLLE and MALIC stuff that has been appearing on the market has changed all of that. Gear last longer,can be custom made to the WARRIORS needs and is made of much better material than what I used many yrs ago.

Gear is a very important thing,and can mean the difference of survival or death.

However in paintball we look at more for a feel of belonging or being popular by owning all the latest and greatest over priced items we can buy without even knowing what they are really used for in REAL WORLD situations.

Enter Whiskey Two Four.

I met the owner Ryan about a yr ago. He was in need of fabric in a hurry and I was the guy that could supply it at the time that he needed it. We spoke on the phone of ideas that he had and ideas that I had. He helped me with a major problem I had and for that Iam greatful to him. He was just starting out and me being the person I am, I wanted to help,not like he really needed my help.

Speaking with him about gear and where he was headed,I was very impressed. He wanted to make custom paintball gear taylored for the players specific needs.

Now a well known Combat Gear store is just down the road from me,but they really wouldn't give a paintball player the time of day unless you have large amounts of cash and then they would probably just try to fit you into something they have on hand instead of custom made.

Ryan knows gear and the punishment that a paintball player or Real World Operator puts it thru. This is why he uses 1000D Cordura when making items such as pouches. With double stiching included.

Flash Forward:

While jokenly putting up a crazy resume to get sponsors (It actually worked) I contacted Ryan to ask about getting sponsorship from him. I didn't ask for anything free nor at discount,I just wanted to wave his banner and hand out his cards for the help that he gave me the yr before.

His response was "S#$t Yea let's do it". So I contacted him and we started to talk. He began to tell me about new gear that he made. I only use 100 rnd pods,so this was perfect for me.

100 rnd pod pouches with exclusive shock cord retention system!

Attached to my gear:

Iam a stickler for sewing. This is one thing I always check when getting sewn items. I want to find the flaws,especially if I'm paying for it or promoting it. So as I searched for flaws I could not find any. They were perfect double stiched. Real World use quality. I can say Iam proud to own such fine workmanship.

Now before we go any further,yes WTF is my sponsor,and to be honest I paid full price for this item,it wasn't free. How could you evaluate a free item. Even if it was junk you would still have to write a rave review about it if you want to keep your sponsor. Well not under this agreement.

Depending on the field size and situation,I'm a load and drop guy. I'll collect the pods later. So regardless of what I use,I drop pods . If Iam in a situation that I can put my pods back in the pouch I do. Well these 100 rnd pod carriers are easy to use.

Pouch with pods:

The shock cord retention system is easy to use:

Just grab the tab and pull up slide over the pods. As you can see from site provided pictures,which will explain it much better then I can.

Just to be fair,I have tested this system while being fired upon. I just slid in the pod and pulled the tab. It secured my pod right in place. It does take some practice,I wasn't perfect the first time around. I had to find my niche so to speak. even if I wasn't able to secure the pods,the pouch is just tight enough to hold the pods in place.

Back side:

The pod pouch is a MALICE retaining system. Works just like MOLLE,only the straps are removable. You just weave these like you would any MOLLE load bearing gear pouch. Personally I'm going to add a MALICE strap in the center. I like my gear very tight up against my vest. Anyway it's always good to have spare MALICE straps around.

As mention these are all made in the USA. Which to me is great. We have seemed to have lost our skill so to say in products. Well this is were my money is staying,in the good old USA, not some sweat shop over seas.

I have tried to trash this pouch out by putting it thru an abuse test,ie snagging on bushes,rubbing it up against concret bunkers,rubbing against wooded strcutures. It takes abuse. It's dirty and has paint stains on it,but it has held up as expected. Still needs the crawl on ground test hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

WTF offers a great warranty as well. It's posted in thier mission statement. This tells me alot about a company when they are willing to back their products as such. Not many these days will do it.

If I were to deploy right now,I would contact WTF for personalized gear that I know I would need in the Desert. I'm sure his REAL WORLD items are just as rugged if not better.

I handed out a bunch of his cards to a group of Air Soft players last week and a few to some PB Players a few weeks back. If they are smart and want quality,they will contact WTF for personal gear.

The price may seem high for some,but I know a few players who thought they were paying for quality milling and got back crap.

WTF offers custom made gear for your needs and the cost is well worth it. Personally Iam a very cheap person,however I recognize a good product when I see it,especially if it's some kind of combat field gear/ similar item I can use in paintball.

Oh by the way, WTF is the official maker of the Blackrain Paint Grenade pouch. Custom made to fit my Paint Grenades. I sent him over a few to use in fit up and to play with. I hear he likes them.:D Review will be coming very soon on this item.

PM Dartmoo on MCB,or follow the link, to get in touch and buy some quality gear made for the paintballer. Ryan just isn't a guy making gear,he is also a paintballer,so he knows what we need.


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