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blackrain 10-25-2010 04:33 PM

Gun Projects
This is where all my gun projects in progress will go.

blackrain 10-25-2010 04:41 PM

PGP Project in Prgress
25 Oct 2010

Well it's been a while since I updated this project. It's been slow between all my travels. I just got it back from Red Neck Sniper. Added the feed for me and we have a few more things in store for it.

Matt did the insta pierce and soldered on the Cocker threaded adapter that Red Neck Sniper made for me. So now to add the guts,frame and see what's left to get this working.

YEA it's UGLY but it's MINE

21 Feb 10
It's on the first thing smoking out of Tenn. on Monday.

17 Feb 10
New pictures are posted. The cocker Top has been soldered on and it looks nice.

16 Feb 2010
Just got word from Big Matt:

"Worked on it tonight...I will drill the air transfer holes tomorrow.. Hopefully I will get to leak test it as well..

That old valve was stuck good..took me a good three ++ hrs to remove the old barrel and valve keeper and solder on the new barrel adpt...the solder that held that other barrel on was real soft..I am suprised that the feedneck never broke off..

Pics are a hard thing to get out of me...but I will see what I can do..



9 Feb 2010
New direction. Upper body has changed and so did internals. Go all the way to the bottom to read about it.

27 Aug 09
Well this project is going in a new direction. It will change for the better. It's something I have always wanted to do. Keep checking back.

26 Nov 08
Well it finally came back. The barrel was welded at an angle, But I fixed that today. It's amazing what a torch,C-clamps and a piece of Aluminum rod can do. So everything is straight and ready for assembly.

24 Nov 08
Finally it is coming home. Lots of hold ups that I would rather not get into. Lots of issues that don't happen everyday to an Airsmith. Not your normal stuff like lying and keeping money issues. These wrer issues that I could only understand. However Kidney Thief's work is top notch.

23 Oct 08
While barrel was on final milling, a collet shattered and the milling bit ruined the the barrel. Awaiting new Brass from Palmer.

12 Sept 08
I have posted milling pictures that were sent to me by the machinest,Kindney thief. It shows the grooves getting milled and prepping for solder. He's expected to send me more.
As always, I can never make up my mind, so I now have a nice chrome shocktech cocker frame in route to me. I will still use the OMEGA Roller trigger and sear kit.

8 Sept 08
Just got word from Kidney Machine. The barrel milling will start tonight. Hopefully it will be soldered up and back to me this week. I asked for progress pics so I could post them up,so hopefully I'll get a few.

03 Sept 08
Cocker frame adapter arrived today From NOXX55.
Body has been shipped to Kidney Works for milling and soldering.
Have decided to go with This place for a cover on the body:
Something new to try

2 Sept 08
Barrel brass arrived from PPS today. Now it's time to pack it up for a trip to Kidney Thief.

28 Aug 08
Recieved the body and removed the feed. Will be replacing the barrel. The Cocker to PGP frame adapter is on the way. Just need to find some barrel stock for the barrel.

As of today it is enroute to me. Can't wait to see this when I get home. I have some filled bottles that are waiting to torch off that feed.

NOTE: This gun is not yet in my posession. However I have alot of pre made pictures that I can use to save me a little typing for later.
One thing to remember about me, nothing is etched in stone. I will use those parts that I have said I would, but that doesn't mean that the project itself can't take a turn in mid cycle :P

I have always liked the PGP. They are just fun to work with. This is a little pump project I have always wanted to do. My wife says I have way to many paintball parts laying around. Basically the only way to really get rid of them is to put them on guns then sell it as a whole. So when this little project is done, it will be sold off.
I'll post a complete break down of everything. Since it will be leaving to get soldered. I'll also include all the WWW.Dot folks I used to make this happen.
Blackrain :angry:

First we have to get rid of this feed:
These were good poor man back in the day feeds, but if you have the correct parts, just use it. I'll be removing it myself with my tourch. I've done that before. I'll even clean it up before it's shipped.
This marker and feeds were bought from various members on:
MCB Paintball Forums - Dedicated to old/rare guns and those that just love the game

I know to alot of you DF means "Drop Forward" but in this case it means "Direct Feed". This is what we will be using to replace the home made DF. Hopefully these will work. They seem to not sit very well on the top of the tube. I'll let Jake at Kidney Machine decide what is best. Maybe he can use the remainder of the 12" barrel and make me a feed.

Let's Remove the guts:
To take out the internals,you will need a special valve tool. It can be aquired from:
Palmers Pursuit Shop Custom Paintball Equipment and Guns
Runs about $20.00.

[b]Let's take apart the marker[b]
Just reference these two sites depending on what type of valve you have. This saves me alot of picture taking and writting.Both are from two excellent sites:

Removing the Feed:
Well I removed the feed. Now I can see why it was such a big piece of the cooper "T" fitting. Seems a dremal tool was taken to it and a chunk removed. Guess Iam going to replace the barrel after all.
So Mr Big sends me this body. I have a few plans for this. I had a thought of building this cheap,but also thought about replacing the top barrel. Guess I will now lol.

So this is what it looked like:
Minus the grip frame.

So after I cut a strip slot I decided to take off the poor man's feed. This is what I found. It looks like someone really did a hack job on it.

So I have my work cut out for me. I bought some brass stock from Palmers. Kidney Thief from MCB will be doing the barrel work. Here's what it looks like now.

Time for a little road trip:
Now that everything is out of the body,It's time for a little road trip to Kidney Machine.
Kidney Machine -
Airsmiths on MCB -

Time for other items while we are waiting for this to return. I have always wanted to put a cocker frame on a PGP and this will be possible thru NOXX55 on MCB:

The frame adapter:
frameandstockadapters - noxx55customs

The Frame and trigger group:
I have this old Fiber carbon frame that has been laying aroung since 2000. I also had a few Omega roller Trigger/sear kits no one wanted to buy. So since they are laying around, They are going to get used. However I have other brands of cocker frames laying around, so this frame could change. Nothing is ever permanent with me.

Let's order a few items:
I ordered mine from Palmers Pursuit.

The lead oring that sits between valve and retaining nut:

Piercing pin and related seals:

Had to order a new chamber plug:
Bought this from RC Paintball:
Account has been suspended - H-Sphere
The chamber plug was ruined beyond repair. It had to be replaced.

Milling process
Kidney thief was nice enough to provide me with these pictures of the barrel milling process. So moving right along with this. So now it's make the air channel and then solder it and add the Direct feed. Plus this barrel will only be 10".

So new update: 9 Feb 2010

Somwhere down the line this project was swallowed up and never got done. It has taken a new course as most of my projects do. This is something I've always wanted to do with a PGP.

I've always wanted Cocker threaded barrels on one. Well Red Neck Sniper on MCB has made this possible,by making the adapter kit.

As of last week it was sent over to MAD customs in Tenn. For a little valve work.

This will replace my cartridge valve and make things a whole lot nice during dissasembly.

The Noxx adapter has been replaced with a Red Neck Sniper Frame adapter. I sold the last adapter I had.

This gun will also have multi feeds,ie LH, RH, Vert and SC feed. It will also be able to shoot First strike rounds.

So more updates coming soon.

So the new direction seems to be heading in the right way. Here are some pictures I received tonight. It will now be heading back to Washington for the last of the work.

blackrain 10-25-2010 06:01 PM

Swirl Cocker
Picked this up. Good thing I have alot of parts laying around.

Picked this little $15.00 bargin up on MCB:

Here it is. Nothing special. Just made with parts that I have lying around. Actually a good way to get rid of spare parts.


blackrain 10-25-2010 06:05 PM

Camo splash Cocker
Just picked this up and it's om the way catfishjoe on MCB was selling it. I'm thinking some chrome accents will make this Sniper look nice.

Forgot to mention this will have a WWA kit on it. Only Mini kit I have laying around. I think I have a chrome frame with internals laying around too. Have to check the junk box lol.

Found a barrel kit:
Cheap Trilogy kit. I'm just going to hack off that front muzzle break. I hate those things.

Talk about luck.
Look what I scored on Ebay. Not my flavor of frame, but it matches:

Here it is,nothing special, made with parts that I have lying around. Actually a good way to get rid of spare parts.


blackrain 10-25-2010 06:08 PM

AIM Sniper project
Well since no one bought this from me,I was forced to make a Sniper. Hope you enjoy. I'm still not finished with this project. I have to put in the Valve and then check the Velocity and shot count per 12 gram.

First you need to get everything ready.

After that you start the assembly process.
I installed the WWA "Dead Zone" devolumizer. This is suppose to bring the chamber back to
99" specs.

I removed the 15* ASA. I don't like these so I substituted it with a Black Vert ASA. The front block is also eliminated. (All originol parts will be sold with this project.) The ASA screw holds the "Dead Zone" in place.

Next put in the valve. I'm not sure of the type I put in,but it was free so who am I to complain.

Time for the IVG,hammer and spring. I usually drop the hammer in and run the cocking lug down a little so it catches. Next put in the spring and run down the IVG till you get a little tension. Adjustment isn't needed at this time. Proper timing and velocity will come later.

Now add the Vendetta pump guide. Inspect to make sure all threads are clean of burs and you have the oring. Tighten down with a cresent wrench

Next adjust the cocking rod. I usually leave this much thread when starting. This will come into play when the back block is added.

Next put the spring inside the pump handle and slide pump onto pump guide.

Now put on the back block and bolt with pin. Note how much thread I left. I had to back the block off a few turns. This gave me my needed clearance for the bolt. I'll do a finer adjustment once the whole thing is together.

Time to install the frame and trigger group. I'll be using an OMEGA roller trigger/sear set up. The frame is a WGP chrome that I got off ebay for cheap.

Next is the Beaver tail. Real cheap,I think I got it for free.

Let's try on the barrel. Had this WGP STO barrel laying around.

What the HELL,let's just add an SC feed.

Frame grips. Had these laying around too.

All that is left is to adjust the trigger,time the lug,put on the grips put in the rear cocking rod and add air. Unfortunatly,I'm going to run this on 12 gram and I don't have a quick change laying around. I'm also out of air. So I will continue this build when I can find a nice QC at a decent price.

Oh HELL while I'm at it I might as well change out the pump. I'm just going to use the Vendetta Deluxe pump. I have it laying around so why not.

Alright lets add a Quick change,new style beaver tail, and Rear cocking rod.

Alright so here it is. Almost complete. I have adjusted the trigger to my flavor. I'm waiting on one more part. That will be an AM Illusion 10 RND feed.

So I'm now adding a 99" valve and stem. This should help efficiency. Bought these from All American Paintball.

Check valve from WWA. I'm getting atleast 10 stored shots after CO2 ejection.

Also added an ANS slider frame.

The final results:
I only played with this one time, but it had a few upgrades done to it. I added a CCM pump handel and had the barrel bored out for freak inserts. Added a CCM frame and an aluminum stock.

blackrain 10-25-2010 06:10 PM

Going blind
11 July 09
Got word today that the body will be ready for pick up tomorrow. Now I can make that pit flush with the body and it will be ready for ano.

13 July 09
Well it's done and ready for ano. Pits are filled.

11 Aug 09
Finally finished somewhat. It is now graphic covered and on it's way home.

I just bought this from a friend of mine who got this from someone else. Apparantly the person either trid to beat out the screw or dremal it out. Normally good precision drilling will fix the problem. Well for a $35.00 body kit I'm not going to complain. I might give this a brand new anno once it's finished.

The Body:
ANS Chaos Very nice body kit that was almost ruined.

The Damage:
Look at the left screw hole. It would have been a simple repair if done correctly. However the improper tools were more than likely used and person just parted everything out.

First stage of repair:
This was about a 2 min repair. Very minor work. I got the proper drill bit and removed what was left of the screw. It wasn't worth the effort to try and extract the screw, because there was already so much damage done. So a clean thru hole. Deburred everything. It has an appointment with the welding doctor tomorrow.
It will look a little ugly when it comes back. I'm looking at about $62.00 for a 5 piece new dust finish. Then again I might just resell it and let the new oowner worry about it.

5 July 09

Well it's been back from welding for a few weeks. I've just been so busy with other things. Here it is welded. Note how high the weld is:

I attacked it with a dremal, just enough to knock off the high spots. You don't want to take it all the way down at the begining. You want to leave room for sand paper and buffing wheel:

After hand sanding and buffing,I was able to get the metal smooth and flush. Actually looks like it came from the factory. I did have one flaw. That was pitting on the back eye screw. I will take it back to the welder to drop a small fill bead on it. then I will work it down flush.

It's finally finished:

The fill weld on the pits is done. So attack of the dremal and sand paper again. With a buffer to clean up the mess. Now it's ready for stripping and ano. Thinking bead blast with a medium to dark grey. The weld spots look like water spots. I sanded as much as I could and everything is smooth.

Blackrain :angry:


So things change.

Let's update this a little. The gun is now at Oregon Hydrographics. It will be getting a grenn and black marble finish. Mike had a hard time finding the correct green. Well he's doing a little "AD LIB" to the green. I'm going to be just as surprised as you guys will be

I'll package the front block up today and get it out. That's the final part that he is waiting on. Meanwhile I'm sure the rest is being worked on.

I just used a cheap barrel that I milled for a freak back. Nothing special about the barrel. No big name, just a $10.00 kit.

I'll update pics as I get them or take them.


Once again Mike Cole has done another great job. It's on the way home to me now. I'll post up more pics when it arrives. So far Iam very happy. All embossing is showing. I'm really wanting to see the other side. As you will notice,the face of the back block and body are not coated. Both Mike and I were not sure what the effect on heavy impact once the pneumatics are installed. I still have to get the front block out to him. I've been working nights and dragging A$$.

Don't pay attention to the barrel threads. They work and have been repaired with a thread restorer. It was just a barrel I had laying around. Maybe I'll send in a different one.

So look forward to more pics.


blackrain 10-25-2010 06:13 PM

PMR Angel
12 Feb 2012:

MCB member pointed me in the direction of a Virtue board sale. Actually It was in this thread. So I have decided that at $34 why not upgrade to better modes of fire and faster rate :drool:

So before we start let me give credit where credit is due. This is not my idea,a member here on MCB by the call sign of SPRECK did this. While in Japan,we were talking about my dead Angel LCD and he told me about this neat little mod.

So we have this Dark Angel LCD without a board. I bought this about 8 yrs ago,sold it to Rainman 229,who then sold it to Brimstone,then I bought it back from Rainman 229. That was almost 7 yrs ago. It's been sitting since.

Then you get a PMR RAIL board. Shape it as such,or to your mounting design. The Angel solenoid will plug into the board.

We'll be using the Grip buttons:

Board is shaped and plug in harness:

Put in grip buttons and slide board into mounting hardware:

Install battery:

How it should look:

This is just a fast how to. it's all common sense. I used the old LCD board as my new mounting hard ware. How you mount the board is up to you. The gun turns on just like a PMR RAIL would and uses the same modes. I'm told it will not work with EYES. How you mount it and what you use is up to you. This is a guide and you go from here on your own.

blackrain 10-25-2010 06:26 PM

SB Project
27 Aug 08:
Well I installed the Auto trigger. Had some issues. After installing the originol trigger and sear it works just fine. Pictues to be posted soon.

11 Aug 08
Well I guess this isn't done. Just picked up an auto trigger.

10 AUG 08
Really enjoyed doing this project. I didn't put much into it. Maybe 20 hrs of time. Is it ready,you Dammed right it is. It's ready to be played with and looking for so loving. I'm still going to add an auto trigger to it. Need a few more items from palmer,but that's really about it. Final pics are in the last post of this thread. Just scroll down.

Comments are welcomed. As in all Catagories you donot have to be a member to post.

More updates will follow. Reading about these markers, I understand that they are really rough looking and rusty. I guess this is what happens when you just let things sit for yrs in storage.Nothing really that a little BRASSO, Never Dull and HOT SAUCE can't clean up.
Like I have said in the past,I build everything to my liking, not others. They can do that when they buy it from me.
Another thing I plan on doing is having it DURO coated just plain black. I'm trying to get this looking new off the assembly line. Not Like I can,but I can get it close. Might do something fancy,but as of now my wife has cut off my cash flow till Aug So I'll just have to drool over items I can't have.

2Aug 08
Well the gun arrived yesterday. Not that bad of shape. I'll try and salvage the bolt,but since I have a new one on the way,I'll just use it. I'll post some pics later.

30 July 08
All the parts are in except for the bolt and the gun itself. I guess it slow boat to china UPS lol.

26 July 08
Last purchase has been made. Just paid for the Battle Grips.
It seems this project is going very well. Have kept it with in a limited budget of $190.00. Seems like alot, but repair and new parts cost alot.

25 July 08
Just ordered a Cooper-T bolt from Chauncey Jr.

22 July 08
So after speaking to PPS today, I realized to cut cost I will have to do some work myself. So I ordered the following parts.

UPDATE: 07/24/08
This seems to be coming along fine. I haven't really had any trouble collecting what I need,SO FAR. Problem with older guns, they can be difficult at times. Well the UGLY part of the project is soon to come. That's the clean up!

Picked this up on MCB. This is a winter project, so you can watch it all unfold here. I'll post pics when I get a chance. I only own one of these, not the whole batch.

The Valve tool:

This is probably the most important tool that's needed. It will make or brake any Sheridan/PMI Project. With out it, you can't take these apart.

Valve kit:

This one is for the Pirhana SB kit. Glad PPS still has them in production. Noy sure what other internals I'll need, but this is a start.

Muzzle Break:

Finally my trade mark, a nice shiney piece. I have always liked the PPS muzzle breaks. Not really sure if they help, but they always make a gun look cool.

The Bolt:

Well the Rusty bolt issue is solved. Just got one of these from Chauncey Jr of COOPER-T.


Found some battle grips.

I didn't take before pictures,because you can see what it looked like prior to receiving it. I have begun cleaning this project. I have noticed a few things wrong. The front of my barrel is not round. I'll have to either make some plugs to round it back out or just remove that small section of barrel. Looks like I will need to file as well. I have some raised metal on the tip. The body is stripped and polished. I was able to remove all markings of SNY and the rental number. The palmer flash suppressor will not fit at the monment due to the oblonged tip. So the barrel repair is the next step of repair. All and all it wasn't really that bad. The frame internals were so mucked with paint that the trigger would not even pull lol. Bolt seems to be in decent shape. I polished the hammer,but it still needs a little more work.

A few progression pics. All the paint and Markings have been removed. So armed with my chop saw and belt/disc sander,I chopped the barrel tip and now it's perfect. Just took about 3/16 off. Did a little filing inside and out. Fit the Palmer Flash hinder so well I can't get it off now lol.

Thank GOD for hot water. I was able to heat it in the correct area and remove it. You can see what a nice barrel chop I did. Like I said only took about 3/16 off. Also a top view so you can see the numbers and field marking are gone.

Strip slot is cut. The reflection ruins it,but it is very straight. I was going to mill it, but my dremal hasn't seen much action. So Armed with a cut off wheel I proceded lol. Cam out very nice. I'm real happy with this. Over all my savings so far has been about $70.00 doing things myself.

Little update. I'm working nights,so I only get about an hour a day to work on this.
I've taken apart the bolt and stripped and buffed all parts. The bolt is now a shiney silver. Had to cut off the originol orings. The end pull portion on the bolt,the ASA and the pump handel are primed gray and waiting on flat black paint. I'm just going to paint the whole body flat black as well. I've polished up the originol valve and stem. I should get a little bit better air flow.

What's left to do:
I need to buy some bottle brushes to clean out the inside of barrel and main body.
Need to buy some never dull and a blitz cloth to reall shine up the inside.
Need to clean,strip and polish the trigger frame.

More pictures and updates later this week.

The barrel and lower reciever were cleaned this morning, They look real nice. I'm going to start and prep the body for painting. I'll start the grip frame this morning when I come home from work. The lead seals also arrived from Palmers today.

More update. The cap that covers the lower reciever has arrived and installed. I started to paint the ASA and pump. What I thought was a chrome paint,has turned out to be a dull silver. Might have to go to auto motive store for some decent chrome spray paint.
I finished the woods grips this morning. I used the dremal tool to ruff up the wood. Then I took some 120 and 180 grit sand paper to them. They are nice and smooth and just looking for a little lacquer to shine them up.

Cooper-T bolt arrived today. Very nice. So I'm actually going to replace the bolt that already exist in the gun. However when I sell this gun it will go with it.

A few progress pics. Finished up the grips and body today. I also found a mint 50 rnd box. I'm going to look for a new 7oz bottle. Found a butt stock too. I still have to put in all internals and trigger group. Then it will be completed.

Whoever the new owner is can do whatever they want with it lol. Actually it's shooting and can go onto the field now. I still need to buy the safety spring and bearing. I lost those during disassembly. I'm also going to use some stainless steel fastners. But as far as play ready it can be used. I only changed 5 seals. 3 bolt orings,lead seal and the valve oring. I used the originol air connection seals. Had a little leak on air up,then they sealed right up. Not bad for 16 yr old seals lol. I removed the originol pump arm and replaced it with a delron version. I need to work on the pump handel some more. The COOPER-T bolt was fine. However Iam going to thread for an allen bolt to keep the pump arm secured. I don't like loose items. So off to Palmers to order a few more items.


blackrain 10-27-2010 10:11 PM

The Vibe sale lot Marker project

13 Mar 2011

Ordered a new orange bolt and Virture board. Thought I would give this gun a new look on the inside. Eventually there won't be anything stock except the bolt lol.

6 march 2011:
It seems the regulator has failed. So the stock regulator is off to have a slip on sleeve made,reanodized and reengraved with the originol first name.

Will be adding a Virtue Redefined board to this gun. Might as well get a little zing to my play.

4 November 2010:

Well the gun arrived and shot right out of the box, dirt and all. Well I was really happy with the performance.

Rule #1: If it works don't mess with it :ROTFL: Yep after I cleaned it and replaced all orings,I blew the Solenoid and The regulator leaked like a water faucet. The snap ring under the reg adjustment screw even fell out. So these vibes have seen a lot of field time.

Rule #2: If it's a rental, you take your chances of it woking or not. Then again that's all the fun of buying a "BEAT ALL TO HELL" rental.

Rule #3: Don't get mad,just take a break and walk away for a while.

Rule #4: Have fun doing the fix.

Mine actually said SC Village on the side of it,so if that's where it came from,then it's expected to look the way it was. You can tell this gun had a lot of play time on it. The dirt, thousand of rounds of paint that was soaked into the body and the smell was all that was holding this thing together.

Maybe the Hot water and Dawn Dish soap scared it.

5 Nov 2010:

Break thru on the regulator. I found out I had to close the regulator all the way and feed air to the gun slowly. Plus closing it,helped to seal the orings in place.

Well the gun shoots and the reg holds air. Tried it on my ION. The only issue I have is that the noid is leaking and I know it's my fault. So I'm waiting for GOG to send a new one.

10 Nov 2010:

Well the new noid and regulator arrived. Guess I'll hold onto the regulator,because the old one works just fine. It seals well and the gun shoots just fine. I have added a freak tip and it will also get a refurb along with the body and frame. So the gun has been aired up and fired. Guess I'll be looking for a Blackheart or newer board. I'm just going to shop around till I find the right price.

Will be posting more pictures once the gun body comes back from Oregon Hydrographics.

11 Nov 2010:

I ordered custom made grips from Stinger Paintball Designs.

I'm going to "THEME" this gun. It's something I always wanted to do with a gun and it's something that I really believe in.

16 Nov 2010:

Just in from Stinger Paintball Desings

Hi Steven,
The order shipped today confirmation number 9101128882300415574027.
Thank you,
Stinger Paintball Designs, Inc.
Providing the Ultimate Enhancements for your Marker!
Office: (951) 461-6662
Fax: (951) 696-2522

18 Nov 2010:

I am now officially into cost over run. I decided since I was going to give it a new look,I might as well give it a brand new stock board. This will give me the option of CO2 or HPA. I'll have select modes of fire to enhance my play on the field. Plus the new board will also go with the theme I have for the new look.

I'll keep the stock rental board as a back up for that "Just in case situation".

So I am now beyond the cost of a new VIBE/ENVY. That's what builds are all about. I estimated I am now $96 dollars beyond the real price of a VIBE/ENVY. Even with sponsorship help it's still costly. I still need to buy one more item and then I'm done.

19 Nov 2010:
Custom grips from Stinger Paintball Designs arrived today. :drool:

20 Nov 2010:
Since no one is reading this now,I can safely post up what the body graphic will be and what the grips will look like.

1 Dec 2010:

As of today,body was prepped,painted and dipped. Should be going to clear coat today or tomorrow. As soon as Mike sends me some pictures I will post for all to see.

7 Dec 2010:

Got word that the marker is being shipped back today. It's all completed and now ready for assembly. Should be here before Saturday. Just depends on UPS delivery.

9 Dec 2010:

Body came back today. I have started to assemble it. It's not ready to play with,still a few more things to be done.

19 Dec 2010

Well I have been able to locate a lazer engraver. We talked about what I needed and had no problem with it. So the parts are leaving this week. I have the gun together and it shoots. I'm using a different regulator for it. It's alot smaller then the originol. I have put in a multi select fire board.
It will come apart one more time so I can put in the detents. So far I have not put paint thru it. That's not going to happen till everything is back together.

25 Dec 2010:

Well final pics are up. I changed out the Bottle ASA to a black CP. As always I have one piece of chrome as my trade mark. Everything that I have used goes well with the whole look that I have chosen. Just one more thing to add and it will all be done and ready for the 2011 season.

8 Jan 2011

Thank you to Paintballer 187 who did an excellent Lazer engraving job. I really appreciate it. The regulator is back and is installed and the project is completed. Just one more thing left to do.

11 Feb 2012:

An MCB member posted that Virtue was having a sale on boards. So I head on over and find Vibe/SP1 boards at $67. That is a very good price. So good, I bought two of them. I'll be buying two more in the very near future for both my SP1s.


Great person and great Sponsor. Thanks for buying this RENTAL LOT of "All Beat To HELL" Vibe paintball guns. Now we all have a winter project.

Not sure what it looks like. I'm waiting on it to come from Titus. Can't argue for $25.00. This is from the big gun lot sale he was kind enough to purchase for the MCB crowd.

So here is where everything will unravel,from start to finish. Hopefully not a lot of repairs,but only minor ones.
I'll learn about this gun just like everyone else on MCB will. So if you have suggestion or knowledge on/of the/this marker please let me know I would appreciate any help you can offer.

Very skanky looking

Let's try to air it up before we clean it up:

Aired up and shot beautiful. I was really amazed at how well it shot. The dirt and crud didn't affect it at all.

Let's take it apart:

had to replace all the orings. Look how nasty this was inside. I guess rental fleets are all that well taken care of.

Good thing Oring Monkey is my Sponsor:

Here's some of the dirt that I pulled out of it:

Let's clean it up:

Cleaned all the body and internals. Replaced oring. Dawn Dish soap and Hot water is a good cleaning combination.

What do I have to order or repair:

I need a new solenoid and regulator. At this moment,my regulator is unsafe for use. Also need new detents. Actually the reg is working properly now. However the adjustment screw snap ring fell out. I'll find a new one at the local ACE hardware. I just ordered the new reg and solenoid. They should be here by This coming Friday.

The grips were a little worn,nasty and ripped. I replaced them. Detents looked as if they were never replaced. They were a little beat up and I had a little trouble getting them out.

So if I wouldn't have blown the Noid,my total repairs would have been $15 for detents instead of $55 for noid and reg.

Off to refurb:

Going to my sponsor Oregon Hydrographics. Going to give it a new look.

Freak Barrel System:

Decided to purchase an ION freak back from a member on MCB. Might as well,since this is an unofficial MCB build. I have always liked the Freak Barrel system,I just have not found anything better other than boring my own barrels. Since I have alot of tips laying around and I also own an ION,this is just smart money to spend,two for the price of one.

Replacement parts arrived:

Detents are here.

Solenoid is here.

Regulator is here.

Freak Back is here.

Custom Grips are here.

Feed neck is here:

Early sneak a peek pictures from OHG:

Here are a few pictures I received. Not a great look but it's something.

Back from Oregon Hydrographics:

Off to Lazer Engraving:

Few more things to add. Not done yet. This was a last min. idea.

What the plan is,to have the names of MIA/KIA added to the reg and freak back. Like I said this gun is suppose to send a message and that is to "Never forget that some are still not home". Iam a military person, and to me the more I show this gun,the more people will not forget.

So some pics before it goes off to Paintballer 187. It's done and ready to play with,just needs the laser engraving completed:

This how the printing will sit ont the body of the regulator:

New Orange Bolt:

Let's see how this bolt works out. Found it for $20 new on ebay. If it works out, then I'll put one in my ION.

Final assembly:

Here she is all assembled,not leaking and functioning as if it were new from the factory.

First off I would like to thank John (DUCE on MCB),for giving me the HONOR and allowing me to put SPC Jimenez's name on this Gun Project.

Thank You to Eric (Paintballer187 on MCB) for doing the great job of Lazer Engraving on the regulator and for the quick turn around.

This was a special project for me. This is something I have always Believed in. It is something I have always held Dear in my Heart.

This Country and it's People should never forget those who have not returned home,Who are/were missing but are now home, Killed in Action and those who will never return.

Even though I never knew them,they are still my Brothers. They will always be family and will always be in my prayers till I die. I'm not sure what sadness many feel, but the sadness I feel is heavy in my Heart. These individuals have been and given the Ultimate Sacrifice for this Country and for other Countries.

When they were called, they went with little complaint if any. Fought for the Freedom of others and helped to keep the enemy from shores. They were Fathers,Sons,Husbands, and Lovers to many. Many will never feel that touch again. So when you hug you Children, Spouse and Family, remember you are able to do that because of those who can't.

As with all things Military,there is always a story that represents things.

The Lite Grey Body repesents the haze of smoke from Battles past and present.

The Barb Wire represents those that are held captive and have not yet returned home to us.

The Black represents those confined and those who may or will never see the light of day.

The Red represents the blood of those who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice for our great nation and it's people.

The US Army repesents just one branch that many of us have served in and fought along many we never knew, but call Our Brothers in Arms, and would give our life for them if need be.

The Soldier's name is that of one who was taken from us. He represents not one,but many who have been taken from us.The name is printed to the left side of the regulator so that individual and others will always be held close to my Heart and protected with my hand (or others),so they may never be hurt him again.

The Grips are a reminder so that ALL OF US never forget those who have SACRIFICED for this Great Nation.

How does it perform:

I'll let you know.

Field test:
Have to wait till it's all together and I get a chance to use it.

My thoughts:

To be honest it's not a bad gun at all. I would improve the solenoid hoses with regular Cocker or ION hose. I think what they use now actually has to be part of the design. I kind of went over board on this gun a little. I wanted it to stick out and send a message at the same time. I think the color and pattern are what really makes it stand out.

I'm hoping the "Barb Wire" pattern will be noticed. I know some people out there will probably want to say "It's white you can only use it for a speedball gun" Guess what,I don't play speedball. This will be an everyday woods gun. I like things to stick out and be noticed. For me, changing out eye covers from black to green isn't custom. Anyone can do that. This gun might not be all that great,but to a new player,it will have some kind of intimidation,till they realize how bad I suck at playing :ROTFL:

I also thought this would give GOG or other players a choice of body coverings. Seem alot of companies now are doing Graphic/sublime anodizing. Well this is a cheaper alternative to sublime/graphic anodizing. This gun body has some beautiful lines to it and I'm hoping it makes the Barb Wire flow.

One thing I do/did was go into "COST OVER RUN". As most of my projects do. I don't know why. I guess once I start looking on the internet and started to think of ideas,and my mind just runs wild. I'm not looking for the ultimate shooter with the best air efficiency,I'm just looking for the best looking marker :rotfl:

Blackrain :drool:

Below you will find a few helpful links for the SP/GOG VIBE/ENVY:

Important info from Lomarandil on MCB. Something everyone can use:

First, turn off the marker, remove the battery, leaving the grips open. By depressing the trigger and then connecting the battery, you can flip between three settings:

1 flash = billy ball 0.5bps
2 flash = "rebound ramping" whatever this is
3 flash = semi-auto

Gog Tech service:

From GOG Tech Dept. Now we know they can do repairs and have parts on hand. This is a good sign:


We have all of the parts you looking for. We are also excepting returns for service. We are able to fix all of the old Smart Parts markers.

Keith Short
Technical Service Manager
GoG Paintball USA
100 Station St.
Loyalhanna Pa 15661

Helpful regulator and CO2 videos:

Modes of fire how to change from CO2 to HPA:

Vibe Quick Start Manual:

blackrain 11-26-2010 01:47 AM

ION Project

18 March 2011

Well I found out what the leak problem was. Apperently it was not the fitting,but the front frame screw. I guess you shouldn't tighten down very hard,because it will pull the insidehousing down on the inside frame and cause it to push up.
So what I did with the front frame screw,was add a tiny oring. This lets me get a little tension on it,plus not allow the frame screw to back out due to the rubber friction.
Iam now leak free and ready to adjust the board and dwell settings. I'm still waiting on the Freak front. The Deadly Wind body looks beautiful on the ION.

More info as I progress. Thanks for all the help everyone on MCB gave me with this issue. :D

14 March 2011:

New freak front is on the way. Nice red one.

13 Mar 2011:

Spoke with Duce. Said that reg has never been apart lol. Said it did drop off evey once in a while :rotfl: No matter, I can't believe what an idiot I was to never notice this. Maybe this was a Mon,Weds or Fri reg. :rotfl:

12 Mar 2011:

For some reason. IONs are just not my gun,but I'm going to make this work,even if I have to destroy this gun :rotfl:
Iam switching over bodies, from Shocktech CSS body to Deadly Wind O Negative Body.

I couldn't get the Shocktech body to quit leaking so decided to go in new direction Also I don't own anything from Deadly Wind. I know it's the body that is the issue,not the gun,because it shoots just fine with the stock body on.

11 Mar 2011

I have ordered new hose from GoG. This gun really needs to get shooting.

This will be a project in progess. I'll add and subtract as this turns into something better.

You will see alot of the same pictures that I have used on the VIBE an SP1 project. They are already taken and they can be recycled into may projects.

I bought this ION from DUCE a while back. I had an ION when they first came out,but never played with it or shot it. Just didn't appeal to me at the time.

So a few moths back,DUCE had a sale. I figured $80 was a good deal. It shot out of the box,but then I started having problems. Talking with people who owned IONs, it sounded to them like the board. "Great" I thought and Smart Parts went under. Oh well eventually I'll find a new stock board on ebay real cheap.

Well I put the ION away and kind of forgot about it till SP resurfaced as GOG:


Excellent now I can buy a refurb board. Well guess what,it wasn't the board,it was the regulator. After using my vibe regulator,I realized the issue. Well now I have a back up board.

The new Board:

The ION now has a WGP regulator,which works perfect.

However I am not going to rebuild the stock regulator.

HMMMMMMMMMMM wonder why? They are a waste of time and I'm not going to keep fighting FPS fluctuation.
No biggy,now I had a reason to rebuild and use the WGP reg I had laying around :D

So flash forward to November 2010. I score a raw Shocktech ION body for $35 shipped on ebay.

Now I'm in business to get this ION looking the way I want. I have always liked this body style and always wanted one. That was soon to change. I have had nothing but problems with this body. It blows air everywhere.

So I get frustrated and change all the orings and relube the whole gun. Same issue. Now I'm pissed. SO off to the internet and I go to the Deadly win store and pick up a "Negative Body Shell W/BOB"

This body has some nice lines! At $40 I had to jump on that deal. It's going to be red,which will go perfect with black. Maybe I'll have the whole thing reanodized. I hope they are in stock. Then again look what happened last time I bought a $35.00 body.

Here's a picture from their site. I'll post up more when I get mine.:

Since this body is a rear bolt removal,the BOB cap takes the place of the factory doughnut.I'll post up more pictures once everything arrives.

Oring replacements:

Yep Oring Monkey is my sponsor,so no shortage of Monkey Poo and Orings.

Detent replacement:

I really like these TechT detents,very simple to install.

The factory stock ones looked just like this,only worse.

Hose replaced

Freak Back:

This is the official one that will be used on this particular gun.

Freak front:

Just won this on Ebay. This will hopefully go very well with the new Deadly wind body.

The Frame, the almighty secret metal it contains:

I read about the frame yrs ago and was wondering what the issues were. I heard everything from cheap aluminum to powder coat to cheap pot metal. So off to the ION owners group:

This is what I found. The info I needed and what to use to remove the powder coating:

I imagine once it's stripped and cleaned up with a good buffing it will work out just fine. Well to be honest,blackrain doesn't believe half the stuff I hear floating around the rumor mill on paintball forums,until I see proof or I do it myself.

So here are the finished pictures. This was a fun project and I enjoyed it so much that I'm building another. Just a parts ION. Hopefully the Shocktech body will be okay and I can build an even nicer one. Rebuilding with out a manual and just asking questions only adds to frustrations,but it makes it more fun.So for now here are the pictures.

Gun completed:

Nothing special,but it works and shoots. I have yet to play with it. Believe it or not the Reds actually match. Only flaw is the scrape at the barrel tip. For the price I paid for the Freak Tip I can't complain.

Blackrain :drool:

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