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Painthappy 03-22-2010 10:11 AM

How to get Your Team a Forum... FAQ
What's this all about anyhow?

A lot of us have some well known local teams and would like to have a way to coordinate between our team members, promote tournaments or scenarios we'll be at, and help promote our sponsors. We may never make it "pro", but that doesn't mean we don't deserve our own little spot.

This is that spot for those teams.

I have a team. Can I get a forum?


What do you mean maybe?

There are frankly more teams than I have room for forums. I just can't put up a new forum for everyone that wishes for a forum.

The simple rules for getting a forum are subjective on my part.

  • I need to KNOW you, or know OF you
  • You should be a member of this site in good standing
  • Team members should be people in good standing with our site
  • An actively playing team and willing to keep the forum active

That's about it. We'll give your team a spot and help promote your team by the use of our webspace, and in return all we ask is a little love shown back to MCB. :)

So please don't be offended if I say no to you. If I really don't know you, or you're a brand new member, or a team with members that just aren't a fan of our site (can't imagine why though), I will say no.

Rules for keeping your forum:

Try to stay somewhat active on your forum. If I'm seeing zero posts for an overly extended period of time, I will hide it, and if no one notices, I will then delete it.

How to contact me:

Either PM me directly, or Email me at:

Jrock0910 04-07-2010 06:09 PM

Kaizen is a Small Group of Commited Ballers

Why we Havent Been Commited Yet is Any ones Guess

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