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TxPPG Rules - updated as needed, so CHECK OFTEN !

These rules are subject to change as situations warrant or at the decision of the TXPPG Directors - PLEASE CHECK THIS SECTION OFTEN !


1) Don't be a jerk. TxPPG Directors or host field Referees and staff reserve the right to eject players from the game for bad conduct as well as field play or safety violations.

2) Sportsmanship is just as important as game play - and will be EXPECTED of all TXPPG players. TXPPG players represent TXPPG (and Paintball in general) on and off the field at the facility during the event.

3) Marker chrono limit is 285 or host field limit WHICHEVER IS LOWER.

4) NO First Strike (FS) rounds.

5) If not specifically stated in the host field rules, "Surrendering" an opponent is encouraged, especially if there is a difference in experience levels between players. For TXPPG purposes, the "Surrender Zone" is 15 - 20 ft unless field layout dictates otherwise (bunkers, walls, obstacles, etc.).

6)TXPPG players will pick up all trash and leave the staging/meeting area the host field gives us in as good a condition or better than when we used it.

7) The Ref assigned to the TXPPG players is the authority for deciding disputes or calls. Disagreements with a Ref's decision will be on a case-by-case basis, and will be handled within the appropriate chain-of-command of the host field.

8) All markers WILL be chrono checked before going onto the field at the start of the day, or after repairs before coming back into play. Players arriving after the event starts will have to have their markers chrono checked before being allowed to play.

9) Hoppers are limited to gravity feed ( "shake & bake" ) and 50 round capacity.

10) "Mag-fed" is welcome, but mag-fed players must use stock (factory-standard) magazines with no more than 20 round capacity. Mag-fed markers are limited to SEMI-AUTO ONLY (1 trigger pull = 1 ball fired).

11) ALL markers WILL have barrel blockers on in ANY off-field area.
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Bigballer here ....Agreed with all but no electro hoppers... Hel I need to gf et another hopper???
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Since a CCM can shoot almost as fast as a slow electro with it's A/T and a force feed hopper we don't allow battery powered hoppers. Also used hoppers are like $3 or new maybe $10. Or if your running a revy set the paddles and play without a battery door.
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Makes a lot of sense... I remember back in 2011 seeing Painthappy laning with a S6 and loader and was rather impressed/ scared.

I haven't seen people be picky at the field, either, so if you're running a Nelson with a VL200 I wouldn't expect grief.
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The prob with that revs are more than 50 rounds......just saying ... But ill get a small loader to play in your sand box .... Lol
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