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Question for all the tibby owners

So I have the tac 8 and have been looking at the new T9.1. However with everything I wanted to do for it its just about the same cost as the T4 so thought Id ask here if it was worth paying a little bit more and getting the T4 over the T9.1.
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if you can afford the t4 in my oppinion its the sexiest marker in existance...
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i'm on the other end. i don't like the T4 design, tho the quick swap and larger mag capacity are good features. But the length of the mag and weighting of the marker kill it for me. I prefer a T9 or T9.1
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The T4 also has some issues with using paintballs in the magazines. Mainly there is no lock for the slider, so the paint is under pressure all the time. If you run multiple mags and have them loaded for an extended time, the paintballs can deform in the magazine. Also some people have issues with the magazines letting paintballs pop out while not in the gun.

The T4 looks cool, is a neat concept, but in the end it's an LTL launcher converted to a paintball marker. There are some things about it that make it a good LTL launcher but a poor paintball marker. The T9 is just more practical and useful.
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Really the question is twofold; are you going to run regular paint or be a dedicated sniper, and how "mass tolerant" are you?

The T4 is heavy. It's f'ing gloriously, realistically heavy, if that's your thing. But it's heavy. Carry it around for 8+ hours, and you're gonna feel it if you're not prepared.

As far as FS vs paint, if I wanted a dual-round gun, I'd say the T9.1. With cut down mags (PM me or surf the Tiberius forums for info), it is no question the perfect sniper rifle. If you're thinking about running a springfeed/hopper, the T9 is probably a little bit more "universal" and the mags, as mentioned above, are more ball friendly.

What are you doing to a T9.1 to make it cost as much as a T4????
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Costs go up cuz I wanted to get the longbow mag system and extra mag, probably 3 extra fs mags, stock for the tank, was looking for a new 13/3k ninja, and I was considering getting a fs capable lapco barrel.
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if you're into it for the larger mag cap.
specops has also a 15rd ? forgot but it's a extended mag for t8/9
might wanna look into it
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