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T9 & T9.1 Questions

I plan to do a sniper setup with the FS round. Of course I also want the versatility of using regular paintball "on the fly" without any spring or barrel change(in the field) transitioning from FS to reg.Paintball and back.

So here's my questions about the T9 and T9.1:

1. T9 rifles once FS upgraded and I went back using regular paintball,
can I just load the FS mags w/regular paintball and start shooting? Or do I have to change back to the old spring, barrel and etc?

2. How about the FS mags, will it load the regular paintball as it is?

About T9.1

1. Similar question : Can T9.1 use regular paintball as it is or should it be downgraded? (If I get a 9.1, I only have the FS setup)

2. I read other forum about T9.1 is only aesthetics, they recommend just buy the basic model T8.1 + Lapco barrel and other bell pop & whistle afterwards.

Can I attach a picatinny rail on top of the T8.1 slide? (for scope mounting)

Appreciate all your feedbacks

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There is currently no lapco barrel made for the t8.1 or t9.1. There is how ever a t8 and t9 barrel made.
Yes you can use regular pakntballs in the mags no switching springs.
One thing to consider is the t9 to switch between reg and fs bc when you drop a mag the magazine follower still has pressure on the balls and the magazine ball detent is slide back. So when you drop the mag your going to lose 2-4 rounds and also make sure no rounds are lose when you jam another mag in the grip or you'll break that ball.
Best bet is to run fs in the mags and rotate the ball to reg balls in the hopper or longbow on the side.
You def want a t9.1 and not a t8.1. The mods to make the t8.1 like a t9.1 will out you overthr price of a 9.1. Get th 9.1 right off the bat and be done. Also the 8.1 does not have remote air YET like the 9.1 is already setup.
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Seconded. Definately go for the T9.1. It already comes with all the bells and whistles AND i dont think you can mount a weaver rail on the T8.1. For what you want to do (sniping) your best bet is the rifle. As for the mags, the only difference is the shape of the hole your paint feeds into; thee FS mags are in the shape of the first strike paintball and keep them oriented nose foward while feeding. The first strike is as long as a normal paintball is wide so you wont have any trouble loading normal paint. Also, as tangus pointed out, you can load FS in the mag and normal paint in a hopper and switch between the two on the fly simply by turning the barrel. Cant do that with a T8.1
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Thanks for the heads up. I guess have to go for the ranger 9.1. I do like the elite but price is too much.

The 9.1 extension barrel is just "screwed on" or just fasten in by the shroud? I think lapco if they have the single piece barrel for 9.1 is much better than a "Joint" barrel. What do you guys think? (in terms of accuracy & FPS)
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ok, I'm a t9 user with FS upgrade. I use a Constant air mag while running hopper feed. I keep a FS mag in my pouch, and keep the hopper for regular paint. Ive found that rotating the barrel for FS while there is a FS mag in the marker will kill a FS round. I rotate the barrel, fire the regular paintball out, then eject the constant air mag, and insert the FS mag. If I'm finished shooting FS and the FS mag isn't empty, i'm ready to catch 1-2 FS rounds when I eject the fs mag. then just re-insert the CA mag, rotate the barrel, and back to hopper feed.

I don't know if the 9.1 has the same restrictions and may crush the FS round in the mag.
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LAPCO is in process of build their barrels for the .1 guns (8.1, 9.1). As everybody else has suggested the 9.1 will be a better gun than the 9, because of all of the upgrades, major and minor. First Strike magazines can accommodate regular paintballs. Like other members have suggested be careful when changing magazines, in that some paint will spill from the magazine when ejecting the magazine.
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FLASC has just released there .1 series barrel on their site. The barrel can be used on either of the .1's.

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