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tibs on lp tank?!

long story short, I got to the field this weekend, and failed to have a hpa tank, or co2 tanks.

so, I asked my hordemates, and was loaned a crossfire 4.5k tank with a LP reg on it. They think it's only 300psi or so.

Strangely enough, not only did my t9 run, I didn't even have to adjust it when chronoing.

anyone else had similar experience? guess why?
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I do believe they run on something like 2-300psi in the firing chambers. The Tiberius reg must be pretty good if you didn't have to adjust velocity.
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Yep I've been able to switch between the two (CO2 and HPA) without having to adjust velocity. Dunno why, I assume the output pressure is similar or the same. CO2 puts out 900ish psi while HPA puts out 800-900 (right?). If you're used to CO2 and HPA is about the same it would make sense that you wouldn't have to adjust it.
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