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Shot results: New Tiberius Rifled barrel vs Stock barrel

Ok folks my results are in. Let me start off by saying a few things about my experiment.

1. Distance - 150ft (measured with tape measure).
2. Wind - slight & occasional 1-2 mph gusts
3. Temp. - high 70's
4. Marker was not 'bolted' down but the place was marked on the table I used so that the same position was used for each shot.
5. Scope sighted to 150ft.
6. Chrono readings ranged from high 270's to low 280's.

All I can say is ! WOW! And to the makers (Lapco) of this barrel. I am VERY impressed with the performance. I am posting pics of my results so you can see for yourself.

This is my 9.1 with rifled barrel sticking out as proof I have one:
9.1 with Rifled Barrel by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

I used a piece of plywood that was 4ft by 4ft:
4ft by 4ft plywood by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

1st set of results (horizontal measurement):
Horizontal measurement Rifled Barrel - 8 inches 017 by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

Vertical measurement with results:
Total Height with Rifled Barrel- 13 inches 015 by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

Picture of stock barrel for proof:
9.1 with Rifled Barrel (2) by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

Now, results using the stock barrel (horizontal 1st):
Total horizontal distance - Stock barrel 008 by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

Finally, the vertical measurements using the stock barrel:
total height of stock shots by gman4791, on Flickr[/img]

Final results recap:

Rifled barrel - 8 inch total difference horizontally & 13 inches separating the shots vertically. As you can see, 6 shots were tightly grouped, the 3rd shot went 'rogue', 4th shot was off by 3 inches to the right & 4 inches high. Still would be a hit. Even the 'rogue' shot could have very likely been a hit.

Stock: 18 inches separating the shots vertically NOT including the 2 that missed the 4x4 ft target completely (1 shot went high & right while the other went way left). 24 inches separating the shots horizontally (also not including the 2 that missed). Only 1 shot came close to the center aim point as opposed to 6 with the rifled barrel.

Onward with the question/comments...
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great review, looking to pick one up for my T9.1!
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Anyone know if they're going to sell a version of this barrel for the T4?
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I just learned something.

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If the barrel is as good as it seems I believe law enforcement would want it which is the main purpose of the t4. ..... So I'd GUESS ...YES
Or maybe they already have one for sale.
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So, is the rifling meant to help spin up the FS rounds?
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Probably, the first strike rounds are basically the only ones that'd REALLY benefit for a spiral rifling, since the angled fins are on them are meant to spin stabilize the FS rounds in flight. In my experience with regular round balls, the only rifled barrels that really help are the CMI Tru-Flight straight rifled ones.
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The rifling starts the First Strike rounds spinning as soon as the gas is applied to the round. Not only does the First Strikes round spin while in the barrel, it spins in the right direction.
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Good writeup!

FYI, given the weight, caliber and velocity of these rounds, 1-2mph winds are enough to influence the trajectory, spin stabilized or not. This is the prime reason I don't do my own testing- no access to an indoor facility to eliminate wind.

Personally, I think the stock Tiberius barrels suck badly because it's only 6.5" of control bore with another 13" of .75 I.D. Barrel front.
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Just curious Gman1,

Can you fire regular paint on the rifled barrel?
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Originally Posted by patuka View Post
Just curious Gman1,

Can you fire regular paint on the rifled barrel?
Zenmic has answered this question in detail (and others) over on the TA forum so I will post what he said to answer your question:

Originally Posted by zenmic View Post
Regular paintballs through this barrel is a bad idea. They are very likely to just break in the barrel, or if they do fly out the will be all over the place. The rifled bore is NOT the same as a rifled (spiral) porting.

It took LAPCO more than a year of research and testing for this barrel. I have no idea how many boxes and boxes of First Strike Rounds they went through and the piles and piles of failed barrels before the prototype I got to play with in August of 2010 and then more testing and refinements to get to the finished product today.

FYI: The new rifled barrel not only spins the First Strike rounds; it spins the First Strike round in the right direction. As explained by LAPCO's research they discovered that in a smooth-bore barrel, First Strike rounds either do not spin until the leave the barrel and the fins can catch air, or as the round exits the barrel, it is spinning in the wrong direction. If the round is spinning the wrong direction when it exits the barrel then when the fins catch air, it will have to stop the round spinning in mid-flight and spin it in the right direction. All of this is happening at fraction of a second while the round is flying from the gun to its intended target.
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