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T8.1 Fiber Optic Sights DIY Project

So I searched for a while on how to put Fiber Optic Sights on my T8.1. All of my internet searching revealed that many Tiberius owners were interested but couldnt find a solution. I decided to make my own and found out that there is an easy fix for all of those that have been wanting some. Here it goes;

I went to Walmart to pick up some random things and ran across the gun section and found a set of Fiber Optic Shotgun Sights. The sights were about $12.00 and sparked the idea for this project. I picked up some cazy glue, and a thin drill bit (Ended up using a smaller one than pictured).

Attachment 36260

I removed the standard Tiberius sights with the thinnest allen wrench provided and drilled a small hole where I wanted the sights to be. Be patient and take your time because the sights are plastic and can be ruined.

Remove the Fiber Optic rod from the mount and cut it about the same length that the hole was drilled using a pair of standard wire cutters.

Place a small drop of glue into the hole and put the Fiber Optic into place.

Lastly, re-install the sights back on your gun and admire your work!

Attachment 36261

Attachment 36262

Attachment 36263

The sights look good but are obviously not as bright as intended, but they work well (They are brighter in person than in the pictures). You can drill completely through the sight and leave a small length of Fiber Optic rod exposed to absorb some more light. This will greatly improve the brightness but I thought I'd share this with you guys as it stands now. I hope it helps, and enjoy!


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Looks good. You could drill a hole through the top to let some light in as well.
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very cool, hooray for diy solutions

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Very good idea on the Top hole. I opted to keep it like this to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside and it also looks like its factory installed (I think). The rod going completely through might also pose a problem when holstering, but after looking at it is outside in the light, Its bright enough.
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What size of drill bit did you end up using?
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I believe it's 1/16 but just check with whatever thickness that the fiber optic rods are. You want a tight fit.
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