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help with 98 Custom Pro RT low velocity

I've completely replaced all internals in my 98 custom pro w/reactive trigger in order to improve a low velocity problem. 220 fps max. Upgraded the velocity to 240 fps. Installed a flat washer over main spring guide to increase tension on main spring. Upgraded velocity to 270. There must be a better way than compressing a new spring to raise the velocity to an acceptable level. My marker is a 2006 model and has served me well until recently.
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Are you running CO2 or HPA? If it is HPA, tippmanns HATE low pressure. I think even with 650 you will get low numbers. Make sure you tank is putting out about 850 psi.

The shimming on the spring is one of the main ways to increase velocity. You can shim it open the valve longer. It is the same thing as getting a stiffer spring.

It also seems you have had it for some time. Could be wearing of the spring? Someone may want to jump in on that idead, but if it is shooting fine now, just leave it or add in the RT kit and shim it to a usable velocity.
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Stiffer spring is probably a correct fix. Tippmans control velocity simply by using the velocity screw to occupy space in the valve to slow air flow. If you have it wide open and still don't get above 270, you need a higher flow tank or a spring kit with a stiffer main spring.
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Where's your FVA set at? If it's too far out/missing it can cause low velocity.

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Replace the main spring with a stiffer one. Alternately you can get a Rear Velocity Adjuster to adjust the spring tension.

Also make sure the power tube is not damaged. That could cause issues. Another thing to check would be t-fitting for the response trigger. I had a low velocity issue with an issue with the RT not working properly. A broken t-fitting was the cause.

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Thanks to all who responded to my problem. I use hpa and tank puts out 850 psi. all internals are new and rt is working fine. I,ll polish the area where the hammer slides.
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