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sl 68 II. Leaking noticed small flaw in casting. HELP!!! need to play this weekend!

I just aquired a bnib sl 68 II it had a leak i took it apart noticed a flaw in the casting and assumed it was the problem heres the hole in the casting im talking about.

In through the back cap on the bottom right in front of the ledge where the valve seat with the two o-rings on it sits. I now realize that the furthest back o-ring should be doing its job of sealing this area off making the hole there a non issue.

and here up through the grip frame with the valve assembly in you can see the o-ring on the valve seat this is the oring furthest to the front of the gun so keep in mind the second further back one should still seal away from this hole correct?

anyways i aired the gun up again today with the bolt and hammer out i stuck my finger down the front of the gun. It felt like the air was coming out around the power tube but not through it. Im assuming that this must mean one of the valve seat o-rings is leaking. If it where coming through the powertube then then valve seal itself is leaking right??

So i guess what im asking is, before i order the o-rings and valve seals off tippmann parts and pay for 2 day air to get it here before the weekend so i can play. Do you think that hole in the casting is a non issue or could it be causing the problem.

Could i fix this by machining another o-ring groove in the valve seat to seal before the hole so i have two o-rings sealing before the hole in the casting.

im frustrated and just hope i can have this working before next weekend.

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tear it all the way down, pull out the valve and everything.
i had the same issue a while back, it was a fleck of aluminum on the cupseal stopping it from sealing up. i scraped off the bit, put it back together and didnt have another issue. i dont know where the aluminum came from, but that was my similar problem.

...or your casting is way jacked up, in that case call tippmann.
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Ordered new seals and o-rings. I think i can get it to seal up. Man this thing is rough i have been filing sanding and polishing all week on my lunch breaks. Starting to feel much much smoother. Cant wait to play this weekend.
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tried all new seals and o-rings still leaked i then put a bunch of JB weld on the hole and let it cure for 24 hours aired it up still leaks. So im going to give it once last look over today to see if i can pinpoint where its leaking from and maybe i can make one last attempt. If not ill give up and send it to tippmann to be replaced i guess ill just have to barrow a gun for the weekend.
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haha ran a wire brush attachment on a dremel through the rear area to smooth it out smotherd the o-rings in NSK and put it back together. NO LEAK!!!
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