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Cousin just picked up an A5

My cousin just picked up an A5 off ebay for $90, wants to look at some accessories. Anything you guys suggest? I'm thinking maybe a small body kit or something that he likes, cyclone feed w/ some upgrades(or so I've read). Any barrels that work exceptionally well with A5s?
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What does he have on the A5 so far? Especially what style of playing does he want to do? You may not want to upgrade too much, otherwise you will spend more on upgrade than buying a higher level gun.
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IIRC it's just stock, we're gunna get him a remote line adapter, since I'm providing the tank and pod pack (with a slot for the tank conveniently).

He's going to need, I believe:

-a hopper
-a better barrel, I'm looking into LAPCO stuff, maybe a flatline even?
-probably a buttstock

any suggestions?
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I'll second what pk5 said about accessories. I had two A5's that I dumped WAAAAY too much money into, only to find out that at the end of the day they still shot like A5's... I could have just saved the money and bought a friggin' Ego or something for all my trouble. I was being outshot consistency/accuracy wise by guys with bone stock ions/sp-1's. There are alot of limitations with the A5's very simple blowback design.

I would stick with just a good barrel (any quality maker will do), and a decent stock for your remote setup. I wouldn't mess with a Flatline, thats a whole big can o' worms to get into and most end up ditching it. With the stock, just make sure you can actually shoulder and sight down the gun with a mask on. Most stocks, like the many AR stocks, get in the way of this. The A5 should come with the stock cyclone feed and hopper attached. You probably don't have to upgrade this at all really if he's just shooting semi. I used to have the vortex mod/squishy paddle setup in my A5's cyclones, but I had a Ape trigger setup on mine so I was shooting 15+bps most of the time. I don't think anything is needed for straight semi.

Keep in mind, that for a little more money he could get a new Enemy that will be easier to maintain, and probably more consistent than the A5 will ever be. Just a thought. Keep it simple and he won't lose alot of money in it when he sells it like the rest of us!
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just type Tippmann into ebay then search for all the A5 mods,
what does your cousin want it to look like?
AK47? MP5/MP5SD, M16/M4, G36,
You can buy most parts on there.
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