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Tippmann F/A help

I got a fine looking Tippmann F/A off ebay last year & have yet to
succeed in mastering it. Shoots fine in semi mode, & seems to have very
low mileage on internal parts. However in f/a mode, it immediately goes
insane-berserko-out-of-control until I unscrew the co2 to shut it down.
Adjusting the ROF pistons has no effect. They've been carefully air-bled
& I've tried different viscosity oils. Any ideas ?
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How good of condition is the sear? Is it worn out at all?
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You've tried different weight oils, but which weights? According to Tippmann, it should use 120weight, all weather, hydraulic fluid in the upper cylinders. Like was said, check the condition of the seers on the top mechanism and the bolt. Maybe something is rounded off, and not catching. Semi-auto should only be using one of the two seers, while full-auto uses both, IIRC.

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Thanks Rat ( six years later ). I'm slow but deadly.
Ok so we lost our beloved woodsball field and I got out of paintball a few years ago.
Glad to see that MCB is alive and well. Time to fish the old F/A out of the closet and
try my skills at airsmithing again. I'm pretty sure the sears were crisp and I think Rat has
the answer with the 120 weight oil. I will be back with an update.
So, I notice, EBAY doesn't have much for vintage markers these days. I was considering
putting some of my collection up for sarrrrrk....up for seeelllhhh....up for ssuul....
Wow, I can't even type the word. Yeah I know I will fall in love with them all over again
once the dust is polished off.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Check out this thread.

Don't sell, you will regret it. I mean, I'll take the worthless things off your hands for you, and all you have to do is pay postage.

I mean, don't sell them, you will regret it.

The bells of hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling
For you, but not for me

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Thanks for the thread clue Axel.
I will try to post a video in the near future. When I get the time, I will shine the old girl
up, hook up a 20oz. and show everyone who hasn't had the pleasure, what a runaway
F/A looks like. Then will doccument my second repair attempt for everyone's amusement.
Flippin' Cool old marker tho. Still has the sticker on side of the cyclone feed and I'm fairly
sure it has low hours of combat on it.

Regret sell ? You betcha. Wood grips and built like an anvil will most likely never be
produced again. Disposable society carefully cultivated. Ck this article...

Made to Break: Are We Sinking under the Weight of Our Disposable Society? - Knowledge@Wharton
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