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pghp8ntballer 01-20-2018 07:22 PM

New Tipx owner
So I just received a brand new Tipx as a gift. I am super grateful to the good friend and fellow MCB'er that gave it to me. But now the questions arise...

Although 99% of the time I will use round ball, I would like to get a first strike setup.

1) What is everyone's opinions about the available first strike feed blocks?
Should I just go with the complete Tippmann kit that comes with the 12 rd mag and be done with it?
Is one of the other branded blocks out-perform the tippmann one?

2) What is considered the best roundball AND first strike barrel? - One barrel for both, not one barrel for each. I want to keep length down, so nothing longer than 2" of muzzle.

3) I have a soft spot for 12g's. Are there any available extended 12g plugs?

4) I am thinking about getting a remote line kit - I don't need the remote, just the gun kit. Are there multiple options? Any recommendations?

5) Anything else I should know?

killerito 01-20-2018 07:36 PM

There are a few extended co2 knobes on eBay maddy by super sanchie I believe.

pearcem 01-20-2018 07:52 PM

There are also a few other tricks with the CO2 plug. That hole that is drilled through the knurled part makes a good point to catch it with a fire extinguisher pin (like agent smith’s decoder ring), or you can do what i did and put a small bolt through it with a few nuts stacked on the other side. Both will give plent of leverage to swap 12 grams when they are pressurized.

If you think you will shoot round ball that much, i would get a really nice non-rifled barrel, that is big enough to handle first strikes. I really liked my Lapco big shots and big shot assaults when I had TiPX’s.

The Tippmann remote kit worked perfectly for me.

pghp8ntballer 01-20-2018 08:56 PM

Ya, I found Stanchy's extended plugs and really like them. I will have to look up agent smiths decoder ring. I figured the cross drilled hole could be used, but I would rather not have something sticking off to the sides any more. I am not so concerned with pressurized 12g swaps as I am being able to grab the darn knob.

So what is the difference between Lapco's Big Shot and Big Shot Assault barrels?

pearcem 01-20-2018 09:15 PM

Removable muzzle. One has the standard lapco one piece tip, the other is threaded for different tips

JonM 01-20-2018 10:02 PM

I posted a review for the SSC extended CO2 knob back in December.

pghp8ntballer 01-20-2018 10:35 PM

Sweet, thanks Jon.

Question about Stanchy's knobs... Are they adjustable for different 12g's like the stock cap? I have not seen a single pic showing the front of them.

Also, paint around here is in the .684-.687 size. I am looking at Lapco's barrels.
Is it better to overbore or underbore slightly with round ball in the Tipx? How do FS rounds fare with said bore choice?

Melvin 01-20-2018 11:06 PM

I like 7 round mags over the other two most common options, that’s all personal though. I’d say go for a bore match before over/under. I do like the .687 lapco mine came with. As for FSR, at pistol ranges they’re going to fly straighter than regular paint regardless of the barrel.

pghp8ntballer 01-20-2018 11:17 PM

Anyone have input on the Rap4 Recon barrels (8") for these? Bore size, rifling, general performance?

JonM 01-20-2018 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by pghp8ntballer (Post 3452082)
Sweet, thanks Jon.

Question about Stanchy's knobs... Are they adjustable for different 12g's like the stock cap? I have not seen a single pic showing the front of them

Yep. There's a hole up front with an allen screw.

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