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Originally Posted by sethzilla View Post
The bolt is the issue, without the power tube connection it's just filling the space between the bolt and hammer instead of going down the barrel and pushing the ball.
Yeah, like I said earlier, it's the obvious elephant in the room here. I just wanted to see what else could impact the velocity outside of the bolt.

Yesterday I did see a few shots up at 220 FPS It has also been warming. It's supposed to be about 65*, wonder how much of a difference that will make.

Anyways, what I really need is, as you said, the powertube connection. I have an idea in mind for making one, just need to make it down to the hardware store today to grab some stuff.

If that won't work I guess I will be forced to resort to buying the right part.
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I bought this plastic piece from Ace, don't remember what it's called. OD of large end is exactly ID of back of bolt. It was so tight I couldn't get it in so I sanded it down a bit until it slid in easier.

The ID of the thinner section of the piece is just larger than the powertube; the powertube can slide in with ease.

When inserted, you can see that it protrudes a bit out the back, just like a real SL68 bolt. The bolt spring keeps it in place (on top of a good friction fit).

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Also bought a set screw and screwed that into the other hole on the bolt (remember this bolt is from a tigershark. There were two threaded holes for the pump arm to attach. One is bored out for the SL68 pump linkage arm, the other was left empty).

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In hindsight, if I had bought a longer set screw I could have used it to block airflow / as another velocity adjustment along the lines of the 98's FVA.

Velocity was consistently 270-300.

(eta: cost of 2x plastic pieces + set screw = $.99)

Don't tell ME to buy the right part!
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I never knew all those years in the Army were just training for Woodsball.......
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