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Prolite valve removal

Inherited a bunch of prolites from the field owner I worked for as a kid...

Starting to work on them in hopes of bringing them back to life.

Obviously they are in bad shape and super gummed up.

Some one please refresh my memory on which way the valve comes out? Front or back?

And in case it it stuck (gummed in there) is there a way to safely apply pressure?

Thanks all!

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The valve is removed towards the rear. Use a wooden dowel to push it out. You can use a mallet on the dowel to add force, but the dowel will be soft enough to not mar/dent the powertube/valve.

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Thanks man.

Buddy of mine recommended pouring boiling water down the how where the barrel threads to loosen things up...

Thumbs up on that? Thumbs down?
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You also need to remove the grip frame, front thread insert, air fitting, and the valve stop, before trying to pull the valve.
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Yes there is a valve stop under the front grip screw retainer. Gotta take that out then it will slide out the back ounce you disconnect the airline and remove the hammer

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Thanks to another thread on here. I fell down a rabbit hole and stumbled across this....Repair parts kit. I don't know if you need/want it, or if you care to order from them. But, I felt it necessary to post it. Otherwise, my past hour was a total waste.
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And for Gods sake do not drop the valve stop in the carpet!! You will need that.
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