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Mar 20-21 '10, Ten Man Woodsball @ PBSports NY


WOODSBALL WORLD CUP – September 10, 11 & 12, 2010

WINTER CUP – March 20 & 21, 2010

Calling all scenario woodsball power teams, top level tournament teams of today, and the best tournament players of the Aughts, 90’s and 80’s.

Remember the “Golden Age” of paintball, the 80’s and early 90’s, when tournament ball was played in the woods, when both stealth and power were necessary to a team’s success? When being smart was just as important as being fast? When legendary teams like Navarone, Ironmen, Master Blasters, Terminators, the Lords of Discipline, the All Americans, Ridgerunners dominated the field? When industry leaders and legendary players like Marty Bush and Shane Pastana, “Spud” and “Cope”, Bob Long, Bill and Adam Gardner were playing?

They all played at the World Cup.

Twenty years ago the top players from all across the United States and Canada stepped onto the playing fields in New York, fields with names like Ponderosa, Top of the Ridge and Challenger, shooting guns called Carter Termites, Lapco Grey Ghosts, Line SI Bushmasters, loading ten round tubes of paint into their stick feeds and cracking 12-grams with their quick-changers

It is time to do it again.

Relive the “Glory Days” of 10 man team competition and play alongside and against the legends of paintball’s greatest competition era at our roll-out event, the Winter Cup in March, and then get ready for the big show – the Woodsball World Cup in September.

Same fields, same rules, same judges, same equipment, mechanical pumps and semis only. The Master Blasters, developers and masters of radio zone judging, will be coming back to officiate.

Let’s see if the woodsball power teams of today can stand against those of yesteryear. Let’s see if the top arena ball teams of today can be successful in this classic venue. Let’s relive the old days and experience new ones with those who made tournament paintball great.


Entry Fee:$500 per team
Preliminary Round:4 games, 2 halves for each game, take the field eight times
Paint:$59.99 a case of 2000
1st prize:Cash prize equal to $150 times the number of teams entered


Entry Fee:$1500 per team
Preliminary Round:4 games, 2 halves for each game, take the field eight times
Prizes (1st-4th):Cash prizes in total equal to $400 times the number of teams entered

Space is limited. Secure your spot by registering today.
For more information or to register, log onto or call 845-691-1979

The NPL and 68 CALIBER.COM are sanctioning these events.

Other leagues, tournament series and websites are welcome, as well. All sanctioning organizations will be given free promotional space.
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