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WTL Pump Division

Hey All,

Check this out.

Possible WTL 7 man Pump event - PbNation

Want to play 7 man pump paintball?|LA HITMEN - SoCal’s Premiere Pump Paintball Team

Shoot ya soon.
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My god we are on the same wave length! This has been a dream of mine for over 10yrs and something I've put into play this year. Maybe this format will work for yall and maybe one day can join forces for a league. If not its cool just hope my format can help get yalls going and I will keep up with yalls. My dream was to have a north and south division, dallas and austin being the north, houston and san antonio being the south. And having playoffs and superbowl type championship game. Hope yalls works and if yall need ideas for yours let me know! I got lots. Good luck cali and make this happen, mine is as we speak.

Some of the details and prices may change but for the better, not worse if we get more teams then expected.Tell me what you think and start planning cause its happening.
Format: 3 vs 3 pump
Roster: Limit 5 players
Games: 5 innings/sets-or 10 points( 1 inning/set consists of 2 pts where you play from each side of the field)
Time limit: No time limit during points/2 min time limit between points. 30 minute max match time, to where the team with most points wins match. Scoring: 2 pts can be scored in an inning w/10 pts total in a match ( not including possible overtime points). A match can be stopped if 6 pts are scored by one team ( or first to 6). A point is scored either when you eliminate all opposing players or the center flag is hung on opposing teams starting box.
Rankings: Your ranking will be determined on your regular season record.
Field: Will be played on a regulation size XBALL field (150L x 120W ).
Layouts: Will be released 2 weeks before GAME DAY.
Game Day: Will be held on the 3rd weekend of every month (depending on # of teams, maybe 1st and 3rd weekends ) starting in March 2010 ( regular season ) and going to July 2010. Each team will play 2 maybe 3 matches on GAME DAY ( depending on # of teams in the league ).
Divisions: Teams will be broke down into East (5 team min.) and West (5 team min.) divisions. Play-offs: Top 4 teams from each division will start playoff matches in 1st weekend of Aug 2010. #1 seed will play #4 seed within their division and 2 will play 3. Winners of those matches go on to play each other for the division championship. Division champions will go on to play each other for the championship rings in the Big Game.
Championship Match: Will be played on the 3rd weekend of Aug 2010. The championship match will be a best out of 3 matches and the first 2 matches will be played on Saturday. If the 3rd match is needed it will be played on Sunday.
Markers: Any pump marker ( 1 battery rule-grip frame or hopper not both ). Auto triggers are allowed
Paint limit: Hopper and 2-140 round pods
Penalties: Minor for playing on is a 1 for 1. Major for wiping or playing on is 1 for 1 and your team plays the next point down a man. If 2 majors are assessed then your team will play 2 points down and so on and so on. Hot guns are an automatic major and your team will start the next point down a man.
Entry Fee: $150 per team (which will go to pay for Rings and Trophies) subject to change.
Match Fee: $15 per player which includes air/field fee payed when you show up on game day. There is a $20 per bag of good paint on Game Day (paint you pay separately from field fee no minimum). Playoffs you pay $25 per match so if you lose you didn’t pay for a match your not playing.
Rough Draft-Ryan Hicks/11-11-2009 All rights reserved

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I know I'm bringing back an old thread but did this every happen?
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Originally Posted by cciballer52 View Post
I know I'm bringing back an old thread but did this every happen?
Not that I know of.
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