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Southern California Pump Paintball League

You will see this exact post on a few forums, just want to get the word out. For a shorter version of this, look at the next post...

So for a while, quite a while actually, I've been talking about doing a pump league. Personally, I think it sounds ideal and this past week, something happened that I think made this little dream of mine more possible than ever. Excited??? Me too...

So here's the deal...I hate "gauging interest" threads more than anybody. They almost always fizzle and are almost always posted by the "children" of the "nation". So this isn't a "gauging interest" thread, this is a "let's get this thing going" thread. This is by all means my idea as a product of interactions between myself, my team, tournament experiences, rec ball experiences, and life experience. What that means is that this idea is OPEN TO ALL. What I mean is, run with it, please do, I want to see this happen and if it happens under someone else's command, GREAT!!...So on to what "this" is...

I've played in all kinds of leagues; baseball, softball, roller hockey, bowling, etc. etc. and since I begun playing competitive paintball I've always wondered "why don't we have something like that for our sport?" Something that teams can get together and do on a weekly basis, play competitively for a season and go home with some bragging rights and possibly a trophy. It does not exist in the entire sport of paintball, much less in the pump community. However, I feel that the pump community is the PERFECT and MOST IDEAL niche for just such a venture.

When you are looking into a baseball league (as a for instance), what are the reasons that you may sign up? 1) competition, 2) friends, 3) discounted bowling, 4) bragging rights, 5)etc. etc.. The fact of the matter is that in many/most of the leisure/amateur sports that people play, there is very little motivation in terms of making money, or earning prizes.

Tournies are constantly challenged to keep themselves going and the reason that this is true is because tournies are ran by tournament producers and not the people participating themselves. When you pay to enter a tournament, you aren't only paying for your field entry, you are paying for the organization of the event before, during, and after your fun is done. You're also participating in buying those expensive prizes for the winners. Tournament coordinators are totally valid and 100% in the right for doing things this way, and we've done the same in tournaments we've run. Its business, and business the way it should be.

But what if players did things on their own? Cut out the producers for a league ran by the players and for the players. So here's my thinking...A pump league, BY INVITE ONLY, limited to a certain amount of teams, played weekly at a single field in which a deal would be worked out for discounted entry rates for our "private group". Reffing would be performed by the teams participating and prizes would be minimal (trophies, banners, etc) and would be determined by the participants and their agreement on how much they want to throw into the pot. Entry fees would be collected PRIOR to the season which would accomplish a few goals...

1) Weekly participation would be guaranteed with prepayment.
2) Its much easier to arrange a deal with a field if you can guarantee a certain amount of money in advance. It would also guarantee that we would have a field to play on for that block of time every week.
3) All monetary decisions could be made prior to the beginning of the season.

AND A COMPLETE FORMAT CHANGE!!! I love this format that I've shared with a few...

One thing I dislike about tournies is that you are there ALL DAY and in reality are only actually on the field for a total of at most AN HOUR. The league format and the season of play WOULD COMPLETELY CHANGE THAT...

Teams would play in the following format...

A season schedule would be handed out prior to the season. If there are 6 teams, then you play a 6 week schedule, with a finals week to finish up the season. Each week each team would play 1 other team for a 1/2 - 1 hour "game", formatted a lot like xball. So on the schedule, if you have a game at 7, you show up, play your "game" for an hour, see who wins. No need to wait for your game, play for 5 minutes, then wait 2 more hours. You play your game for the week, and that's it. This format encourages all kinds of things, all good, for the game. Play is attempted that would otherwise not be because of the ability to "make-up" for mistakes in the time limit. Imagine being down by just a few points with only a few minutes on the clock. fun stuff...

Reffing would also be performed by the teams participating. Say there are 6 teams, so in any given day of play we are talking about 3 "games" or "series of games". First game would be reffed by the second game's teams. Second game would be reffed by the third game's teams. And the third game would be reffed by the first game's teams.

So 6 teams could get an hour of hard, competitive play done in 3 hours. This could TOTALLY be accomplished during the week during the evening.

The exciting news that I mentioned earlier that got my gears rolling on this again is that The Compound just lit their x-ball field. Whether we would do this there or at HSP or wherever wouldn't matter to me. It just got me thinking about this again.

So in review... A league, not a tournament, not an event, A LEAGUE 100% by the players and 100% for the players. It would be scheduled and paid for PRIOR to the start of the season. Teams would be involved by INVITE only decided upon by the initial set of teams involved. The initial set of teams involved would be the teams ready to get this ball rolling and work together to make this happen. Besides the obvious necessity to have fun, a priority of the league would be to MINIMIZE COST. Make it cheap, make it fun, and the teams will MAKE IT HAPPEN. Games will be played as a series of weekly matches in a round robin format where every team will play each other. No motivation other than pure competition, bragging rights, and most importantly comrardery.

The most difficult thing to get this thing going would be getting a field to participate. Other than the competition, many leagues find interest based on getting members in the league discounts on play (ie most bowling leagues end up being cheaper for its participants compared to if they went out and just played on their own). However, working out a deal with a field with a guarantee of money up front would not be difficult. Leon (Tombstone paintball) used to charge $10 a head rather than the typical $25 for people throwing a tournament. So if you had six 5-man teams, times $10 a head, that 30x10=$300 a week times 6 weeks of play=$1800 for the "season" while only costing the team $300 for the entire season. That's as much as ONE DAY of old school challenge. Having the money up front would guarantee us a field to play every week.

Remember this is a league we're talking about, not a tournament. Prizes aren't the motivating factor. Cheap, competitive, fun pump paintball in a fun format would be the motivation.

Here's what I picture... Its Friday, I'm at work stoked that I have a "match" that night against ______. I've talked to my team throughout the week and we know what we need to do to beat ______. We've worked out some new plays/positions that we are going to try to take advantage of some "weaknesses" we saw in ______ the week prior. If they work, great, if not then we have the rest of the 45 minutes to get those points back. Our game is at 7:00 pm so we show up at 6:00 to watch the game before us and get our gear together. 7:00 arrives and the whistle blows, match and game on... We get the pull and the hang, 2 points. After the 3 minute reload break, game 2 goes horrible and its a tie "ball game". After 45 minutes of this battle we end up winning 13-9 and stick around to ref the 8:00 pm game. After the conclusion of that game, its about BEER:45 and we spend an hour over some foamy glasses ready to do it all again the following week.

This sounds like a blast to me and seems completely feasible. For the socal guys, if you're interested in this, SEND ME A PM. If anybody has the contacts, the means, or just the desire to take off and run with this, as stated before, please do so. I would love to see this happen and be a part of a weekly "pump paintball league" motivated purely by a love for the game. If you have any questions post them up, even if they are dumb. I'll gladly ignore them
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1) Teams competing in the league will meet once a week (preferably during the week) to play a series of "matches" over the course of the "season". If 6 teams are involved in the league, the season would be 6 weeks long allowing all teams to play each other at least once as well as allow for a "finals week".

2) "Matches" will consist of as many individual games as possible that will fit in an allotted time period of around 45 minutes. In other words, Team A will play Team B in a match for 45 minutes straight with short breaks between each individual game. This allows for an ENTIRE DAY'S worth of tournament play to be accomplished within that short time span. Transfer time of switching fields, rechronographing guns, and switching teams is drastically reduced to next to nothing. The initial league will consist of approximately 6 teams, all allowed to participate by invite only. With this "match" style of play, all 6 teams could get an entire day's worth of "tournament style" play accomplished in a total of 3 hours!! This would allow for minimum occupation of the field on which the league was playing on for the day or evening.

3) Central to the theme of this league is that it is a league for the players and by the players. Referee obligations will be performed by the teams participating in the league. If 3 matches are scheduled for the evening, one of the teams participating in any of those matches will be scheduled to ref either the match preceeding or following their match. League participants will pay only ACTUAL COST (ie field fees) to play and all money will be collected at the BEGINNING of the season to ensure that teams consistently attend. By collecting money at the beginning of the season we also hope to be able to guarantee a field for us to play on every week for approximately 3 hours on whatever day/time the fields are available.
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All I know is that with Sapdawg invovled - things must be SHADY!

Seriously man - if you get this going - keep in touch - Pumpenstein may have to make another trip to Cali!

Good luck bro - with we were closer - We would be in it to win it!

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There are a number of pump players in SD that would likely be interested, myself among them. It shouldn't be too hard to scrounge together enough layers to make this happen.

Spreading it out i a good idea as well. Giving players time to adjust to the other team is a good idea for judging individual and overall team skill.
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Hi All,
I sure do wish that I was still living on Coronado. I would be in this league in a minute.
Good luck with getting the league started!
Maybe Rossco would be interested??
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I know there are a couple of Nor-Cal teams that are actually willing to travel down south, so don't forget to keep us in the loop too!
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I'd definitely be interested, and I think I know a few others who would too.

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Hmm, this is something I would definitely be interested in. Will there be an old and crippled division?
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I am definitely interested too, however I lack a team. If anyone needs another target let me know.
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