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Wow! this looks awesome! Tom played with Run in the last SPPL and hinted about this im glad to see it came true.

Looks like a huge step forward from the previous tournament leagues that were available.
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Whats the cost going to be per team?
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I know some of these teams. Considering this for sure.

Btw Heritics are a great team, congrats to you guys.
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Originally Posted by Drail View Post
Whats the cost going to be per team?
It's going to be $65 per player according to the site, and it's BYOP(except DDay). You have to have a minimum of 7 players to not forfeit, and a amx roster of 15.

It's really sounding promising, I'm waiting to see how the rules change up, some of the details about the skills division are up in the air still.

And yeah, congrats to all the teams that made the top tier sponsorship. Look forward to seeing ther est of you at one or two of these events....dangit, just realized I have to redo my sig banner now to add the UWL logo
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Event #2 held at Badlandz Paintball Chicago

Open Division:

First: BBT Ninjas(Chicago Aftershock)
Second: Failure To Flatline
Third: Chicago Heretics

Skills Division:

First: Dog Soldiers
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The IL event was a blast. Had a lot of fun and met some new people. I think Tom is on to something here if we can get more teams to come out and give it a try. I would also like to thank crypticpb, SN toter, and the other ref's for being good and fair. Come on out and try this if you like woodsball and some speedball, it seems to be a good mix of the two. Even us pump players have a place and can make a difference.
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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
Does it improve the pump stroke? We like to think so. Will it make you a better player,shoot straighter and further,and make impossible shots?

Only a T2 can do that.

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Keep an eye out at PBX3 gentlemen. My article was just accepted and I am hoping it is published. I am sending in the pictures tomorrow morning so keep your fingers crossed!
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Ultimate Woodsball League
Tom Cole was at the RPL this weeken telling people all aboutthe new Woodsball League... West Coast Woodsballers! This IS for you!

In less than a week, the inaugural event of the Ultimate Woodsball League’s very first season will kick off at the legendary SC Village paintball park in Corona, California! For the first time ever, teams will face off in the UWL’s unique format on some of the longest-standing, best-known paintball fields in the world to determine champions in Open and Skills divisions. Is your team registered for the first-ever Ultimate Woodsball League event? Are you ready for some of the most intense, competitive and fun woodsball experiences ever? With extensive media coverage, numerous major industry sponsors and now the lovely ladies of the UWL, this is an event not to be missed!

Featuring an in-depth but simple and all-encompassing rulebook that allows for players with any type of paintball gun to compete on a level playing field, Ultimate Woodsball League events will be played on fields featuring two bases and two objectives. Teams will compete to capture the two objectives and their opponent’s base, and to hold both their own, receiving one point for each minute each objective is held. This format will enable teams to create in-depth strategies for capturing whichever objectives they see fit, rather than simply forcing the opposing teams to slug it out over a single, mid-field objective as is the case in other tactical leagues. For a complete field map along with rules and more information on the Ultimate Woodsball League, visit the league’s official website at UWL | Ultimate Woodsball League.

2009 UWL Schedule of Events

April 25 – 26 California SC Village
May 16 – 17 Illinois Badlandz
June 11 - 12 Oklahoma D-Day
July 18 - 19 South Carolina Adventure Beach
August 1 – 2 California SC Village
August 29 – 30 Pennsylvania Three Rivers
September 12 – 13 Texas Cousins Paintball
October 3 – 4 Florida XPX 

Registration for the inaugural events of the Ultimate Woodsball League is now open!

2009 Ultimate Woodsball League Major Sponsors
Ultimate Paintball
Dye Precision
Tippmann Sports
BT Paintball
Kingman Training
Bob Long

2009 Ultimate Woodsball League Supporting Sponsors
GAT Products
Guerrilla Air
Full Clip USA

2009 Ultimate Woodsball League Media Sponsors
Paintball X3 Magazine
Facefull/Jungle Magazine
Paintball Sports Magazine

Tom Cole
The Ultimate Woodsball League
UWL | Ultimate Woodsball League
cd replication
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How come you keep posting OLD releases? This one's for the first event, but in the current timeline, the third event is taking place this week. I feel like Dr. Who!
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