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Sep 27 '09, 3rd Annual Picasso Lake 10 Man Woodsball Tournament, NJ

The 3rd Annual Picasso Lake's 10 Man Tournament will be held at Picasso Lake Paintball on Sept 27th. The tournament will be on the Beach and also the Maze depending on numbers of teams. Details and Prizes can be found on the Flyer at Upcoming Events - Picasso Lake Paintball

Prices are as follows:

$450 per team (must be pre-reged)

$55 a case if pre-ordered (individual players can pre-order doesn't need to be a team order)

$60 per case day of event

Trophies and Prizes will be awarded

Rules are very similar to last year...

Picasso Lake 10 Man Tournament Rules:

Tournament format will be round-robin. Depending on number of teams, teams will either play each other once or twice. Teams play for points (scoring system below), with the team possessing the most points at the end of the tournament being declared the winner. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.

Games will be center flag.

The scoring system is as follows:
(Out of a possible 100 points)
20 points will be awarded to the team with the first flag pull
40 points will be awarded to the team with the flag hang
3 points will be awarded per elimination made by the team
1 point will be awarded to the team for each remaining player at the game's end

Points are cumulative (ie. If the first place team receives 100 points every game, they will win the tournament possessing 900 points).

10 players per team are allowed on the field, with an alternate being allowed to switch in at the beginning of the round. Rosters will be filled out before play begins.

A coin flip determines each team's starting position the first game

Games end when either the flag is hung or 12 minutes elapse.

The only acceptable firing modes are pump and semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull). Response triggers, full-auto, ramping, etc., are all illegal firing modes. Penalties will be incurred for using illegal firing modes.

Field FPS/Chrono limit is 280 feet per second. Players' equipment will be chronographed before and after each game, as well as randomly during game play. Penalties will be incurred for shooting above the designated limit.

Two layers of clothing maximum
-tac-vests count as 1 layer, as do jerseys
-no sweatshirts or padded clothing
-no over-sized clothing or "blousing" (all shirts and jerseys must be tucked in)

If players become further than 5ft. from any of their equipment during play, that equipment is out of play (pods and squeegees excluded).

False starting results in player's elimination.

Strict penalties will be issued for overshooting, wiping, unsportsmanlike conduct, arguing with referees and disrupting game play.

Upon elimination, players are expected to leave the playing field immediately. Failure to do so will result in a "disrupting game play" penalty.

If any part of the body/equipment still in play leaves the playing field, the player in possession of such is eliminated (pods and squeegees again excluded).

If a flag carrier is marked out, the flag will be hung back at the center. When the flag is hung, the flag hanger will be checked, and if found to be marked out, the flag will be hung again at the center.

Bunkering is not permitted. "Tap outs" only.

All team members must have matching uniforms (matching attire is acceptable).

Gun shots will count.

Smoke grenades will be allowed, but must be purchased from the field.

Field paint only (paint prices are listed above per case and will be revealed on game day).

There will be a captain's meeting the day of the tournament at TBA. Gameplay will begin at TBA

Any comments or concerns about the rules please post all feedback will be considered


any questions or comments please post and we will get back to you.
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Is this happening again in 2010? I better have a look
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