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National Scenario Teams Challenge

Check out the MilSim Corps Tactical Maps for a few team strategy ideas.

How to join the Challenge:
1. Register your team using the Contact Us form. There's no cost.
2. The league will provide you with a Team ID by email within 24 hours.
3. Then go to an Authorized Field, provide your Team ID and compete in the ultimate scenario games. There are no Team Entry fees to compete in the Missions.

All game scores will be posted in the Battlefield Reports page where teams will be ranked locally, regionally and nationally.

How to get to the Championships:
1. Your Team should play in at least one Training Mission, to get experience with the format.
2. Then your team can join the league, become an Official MilSim Corps Team and compete in the Regional Championships for a chance at the National Title.

Operation 2010 Mission Schedule
Mission 1: March - April
Mission 2: May
Mission 3: June
Mission 4: July
Missoin 5: August
Mission 6: September
For more info on the MilSim Corps, please start with our About The League page.

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This post is to answer some basic questions.

Are there uniform requirements? Not really
When you join you get an ID card, a full set of dog tags and two patches.
The patches are not required to play in the Missions. However, if you compete in the Championships, these two patches are required. A league patch and a name patch. Simple and included when you join. There are other patches players earn while playing in the league but players can wear them at their discretion.

Where are the games played? Across the country
There are about 30 fields right now with more fields signing up each week. You can view the list of Authorized Fields on the website. If there isn’t a field near you, post in the Field Request forum and we’ll work on it.

When are the games played? All season
Each Authorized field will hold a Mission Day each month from March to September. Each month will be a different Mission and you can play in one or all of the missions. There are no team entry fees. Just pay what you normally pay when you play paintball, nothing extra like in Big Games or Tournaments.

How does my team participate? Easy as 1-2-3
1. Go to the league website and submit your team name using the Contact Us form.
2. You will get a Team ID within 24 hours.
3. Contact your field to get on the schedule for the next Mission Day.
That’s it. Show up, give your Team ID and compete in the games. All of the scores will be posted on the website and teams will be ranked locally, regionally and nationally.

What’s up with Mines? We use them
See the About The League page in the section for Demolition objective for more info.

What about prizes? We have them
There are prizes from our sponsors that league members can win based on battlefield performance.

Why haven’t I heard about the league before?
This is the last step. We have been working with field owners and sponsors for the last several months. It’s how we were able to get all the fields for our players. Now the challenge is set and we’re ready to register teams.

Why the Challenge?
This Challenge is held to introduce the league to the paintball community. If you like the league and want to your team to compete in the Championships for a chance at the National Title, become a league member. If not, thanks for trying it out and good luck!

For more info, visit the league website at MilSim Corps™ Paintball League

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Moved this to the Tournaments section because it belongs here.
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