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How do i join a paintball league?

Right now my friends and i just play some paintball over the weekends and have decided to get serious... We still are not very good, but we want to be in tournaments as a team... how do we go about doing this? Do we just show up at the tournaments or do we have to sign up with the APPA and have them place us in tournaments?
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depends on the league you plan to play in.

is there a particular one you would like to play?
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The APPA is just a ranking system. Some leagues use it some do not.
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First, you find a tournament that you want to play, then you sign up based on the requirements of that tournament or league.

If it's just a local tourney then you probably just have to give your name and pay. If it's a national level tournament, you will need an ID and probably have to pay a fee for the year. The two large national tournament leagues are the PSP and the NPPL. PSP uses APPA and NPPL uses their own system.

Basically, you find the tournaments and then go from there. You can either try the regional forums here or on PBNation. They are not hard to find if you do a little looking.

Where are you located?
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Locate the fields near you and see what they have to offer.

We have a speedball field and an woodsball one.
The speedball field holds tournies and has a winter league.

Sunday morning is practice for advanced players. Sunday afternoon is walk-on play. See if something like that is available.

Mostly, just sign up, pay and show up.
Tourney play can be costly. Plan on a case of paint per person per day along with field fees.

Do you need a "supergun"?- no but it is tough to compete with firepower. Some fields are more lax than others when equipement is concerned.
The local field caps the rate of fire at 10.5 bps and you can use PSP ramping and full auto.

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What kind of play do you and your friends do? Speed, hyper, or woods ball?
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