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Chaos 2004 board

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Yes I actually was looking at that and thinking that needed to be adjusted. This is the first time I disassembled the marker to see what it's all about. That makes sense because the hammer or ram hits the valve opening it. Mine seems to be opening to damn soon releasing air before the bolt is fully foreword
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That's for the advice on this spec. I did google the rocket valve and did get it dialed in better. Gonna give it a try tofsy with a hopper and see how it does.

Anyone with a newer board for these markers let me know. I am interested in the 2k6 choas.
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It was originally jerrys brainchild , I bought it and sold it off eventually to whomever.
Could be orings the quality control wasnt good, sometimes to get a seal you had to put thread tape underneath oring to get to seal.
Could be bolt .....out of 10 especially flusters and flame twisters you will get 4 out of 10 that fit. Then it may only take delrin and not the SS bolts.
Some rams depending which one you have will need to have the buffer kit on the valve as well as ram.
I run mine 2k4 , 2k6 chaos boards, Morlock , Edwins eye assist and the warlord board, as well as fury chips in stock electronics.
Send me a message get your number I can call try to work it out that way.

Let me know whats up....Working on a Addicted now that is being a absolute bitch
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As basic as this sounds I'd start with the obvious....
~ Make sure the hole in the RV (rocket valve) is facing up & that the lock screw is in place and snug so the RV stay in place.
~ Make sure the HOLE in the bolt is facing down... yes, sounds simple but I've seen where even experienced players have put their bolt back in upside down.
~ Check your specs on the RV and make sure you have the proper "gap". *side note: I was one of the original test shooters during the development of the Cocker RV way back when Mike & Maddy Marr owned Maddman.
~ As Shifty noted, check your bolt for a good match....
~ Check the settings on your board, set something basic for the dwell, etc.

One (or more) of the above should make a difference. If I had to make a guess I'd say the hammer on the ram is striking the valve before the RV exhaust hole and the bolt hole are lined up.
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If the exhaust port and the bolt hole align fine then I would focus my attention on the valve "gap" (see pic).
Compare it to the stock valve. The length of the valve stems should be close. If you need to shorten the stem length without effecting the RV gap flip the little white spring retainer over and dremel off the excess threads.

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