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Bringing back a classic

Oh man, it has been a few years.
I was browsing ebay a while ago, and saw a couple tribals popped up on the cheap. I had some spare cash, so I picked up two(Actually picked up 3, but traded one away to a pro player for a couple jerseys). They got shipped to me from Texas, and came with enough Texas clay to cease them up. Got the triggers loosed up, but thats about it. Then they got filed away in some boxes.
This past weekend, I picked up a tool chest and started filling it. These two tribals were still there staring me in the face, so it's about time I started to do something with them.
So the first one I am going to work on is the worst of the two. Red BBT 2.0. If my memory serves me right, that means it has the double trigger, but metal bolt. Then there are the mods the previous owner did. LPR, tornado valve, no FSDO spring, valve bumper(which i totally forgot about).
Here is how she sits now:

As you can see, the electronics need some work badly. I am thinking of just reaching out to Shifty to get a new set. The electronics are also missing the board. Strangely, I still have a stock one from when I upgraded to Fury forever ago.
I've cleaned up the frame and trigger so far, so now it is time to scrub the body and start focusing on cleaning up the ram.
One thing that has me scratching my head is the LPR adapter. Not sure if I have seen one of these before. Also, the end looks to be opened up by hand. Anyone have an idea on where it came from?

Also, I didn't put a spring on my ram back in the day, for FSDO. Someone refresh me, did you put an oring between the spring and the hammer?

Then once I get this bad boy up and running, I am going to work on my Twister 2.2.

Looks like it has made a trip to Rich at Fear Factory PB. Cool mods, but **** that guy.
This one is in better shape, but still needs an overhaul.

I'll try to update this thread with the progress. It's not a back burner project, but I am definitely not on any timeline to get it finished.

If any of the TOG guys see this, stop in and say "hi"
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Awesome! I have two in parts that I will need to assemble/fix/modify eventually

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I always wanted a twister back in the day. I bought a flame off of here last year, which somewhat scratched that itch. I still have yet to actually shoot it.

Neat guns. Can't help out identify anything, but I do have a spare solenoid and some springs and stuff if you find you need anything.
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I’m digging that gun mat
MCB feedback

Need money? I buy old eclipse splash stuff..
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I've bought 13 Tribals in the last 2 years and managed to get 4 of them running/shooting.

My biggest problem is solenoids, it seems like they are first thing to go. Considering all of mine are probably 20 years old at this time it makes sense. I have been searching online for replacements but they are tough to find.

Best teardown graphic I found is here
Parker Solenoid Design [ZDSPB Tech]

But by the time I leak all my HPA out trying to rebuild 1 I have to wait to try again.
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