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Painthappy 06-03-2010 05:08 PM

Vintagerex links have been changed, update your bookmarks!
Just an FYI, I revamped 95% of the links over on vintagerex. Basically to make it more user friendly and search engine friendly.

So instead of: Power&gun=Vector

It will now just be: Power/Vector.html

Simple, to the point, and easy for the average user to figure out where they are.
The old links will continue to work, but we will be phasing them out slowly over the next year or two.

That is all.

russc 06-03-2010 09:22 PM

That makes much more sense...

Speaking of URLs, adding the Hero Shot image to an article is a little annoying. I only now realized that the https:// had to be added to the start of the image after copying the FTP link and changing it over to the .COM link. For the longest time I was really confused as to why, after a ton of back and forth copy/pasting and rewriting it would finally load up.

Painthappy 06-03-2010 11:22 PM

Yeah, it was really just hacked together so I could add stuff quickly, wasn't built/coded the best on the administration end.

I actually wrote and have an image uploader. I'll work on adding that so "hero" shots can be quickly and simply added.

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