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NGS CV1 'Slapstick' 12 Gram Changer

First and foremost, please check out Bacci's great video detailing the NGS savage, which also details/calls out the subject of this review; The NGC CV1 12 Gram Changer. CWCID he does a great job explaining some of the history and features of the marker that this adapter was designed for. That being said, I think that this might deserve its own entry in the '12 Gram Changers' section.

I am not going to call out any of the history of this piece, mostly because I am not much of a historian (and I don't have anything to add). I am, however, interested in the engineering and modern effectiveness of designs, this one included. And following the pics, I am going to review it against some of the competition of the period. Lastly, if you are wondering, Yes. Yes, I do love CO2 changers. I think that their designs show a great deal of creativity!

Attachment 60464

The CV1 is a unchecked, externally pressurized, single charge, constant air, 12 gram CO2 quick changer. The main body appears to have been turned and bored out of a piece of 1 inch aluminum round stock. It is black anodized and weighs 160 grams. The changer screws into a standard tank thread. The charger cap contains what appears to be a press fitted steel insert that was turned down to a piecing pin after the fact, but more on that later. The keyway of the main body permits the end user to insert the piecing pin cap into the main body, turn it about 45 degrees clockwise into a 'piercing channel', and 'slap' the pin into the top of the cartridge. Once pierced, the cap (under pressure) recoils backwards (towards the hand of the slapper) and into one of two radiused edges at the top of the keyway. Pictured here:

Attachment 60465 The greatest forward travel of the cap, when 'slapped'

Attachment 60466 The cap, when pressurized.

There is a second radiused section of the main body (pictured just below the previous the hex nut in the above photos), which appears to this reviewer to serve two functions, venting and safety. First, when the cap is twisted counter clockwise and engaged on the second shelf, the o-rings are no longer sealing the mechanism. This allows the changer to be depressurized, and quickly. Second, if at the moment of pressurization, the user were to apply a counterclockwise rotation to their 'slap' the cap could eject through the keyway. This reviewer believes that the second radius and shelf forms a backup location (just below the hex nut in the second picture) to retain the cap (even if momentarily) if it fails to go into the piercing channel under pressure. This would allow pressure in front of the cap to drop as the cap turns counter clockwise, hopefully allowing the cap enough time before reaching the keyway to not become airborne. While it seems like the same function, it show some forethought of the design that it handles both use cases.

Attachment 60467

It is worth noting that if an end user attempts to pierce a twelvie without fully rotating the cap into the piercing channel, there is not enough vertical depth between the pin and the top of the 12 gram to actually pierce the cartridge. Safety feature #2? This reviewer would be willing to bet it is.

Overall fit an finish: I would consider it to be pretty good. This thing has seen some hard use, and honestly still works well. It has some minor machining flaws in the knurling; the lettering and numbering was hand stamped; the piece pin appears to have been made from a piece of steel pressed into the cap, then turned down afterward (evidenced by the steel insert being every so slightly off center, yet retaining a pin that is perfectly centered pin). There is no tool chattering within in the main body. All evidence points to a low volume, hand machined, hand fitted, well finished piece.

Attachment 60468
Attachment 60469

At some point in the past, someone attempted to correct an obvious flaw with the design (loosing or ejecting the cap) and lashed the cap to the body with a brass transom chain. Honestly, this owner is keeping it on there as we have no reason to doubt it is a period modification. It is often just as interesting to see how people overcame design shortfalls than it is to keep it 100% original.

Attachment 60470

Slapstick functionality: It is the opinion of this reviewer that this is second most dangerous and hence second most fun changer ever made (#1 still goes to the slam changer review coming?). Changes are not as fast as many of the levers of the period (ADG, Line SI, etc), and depressurization is not as easy, requiring some rotational force. However, because this changer pressurises the entire area between the o-rings on the cap to the marker, it is unlikely to feed liquid to your marker. Further, the slapstick is easy to maintain as it only utilizes conventional o-rings. No tiny 12 gram seals, no fat urethane seals to dry out. Just normal o-rings.

Unfortunately, it does have one additional glaring usability issue: A cartridge loaded backwards. There is a real chance of destroying the piercing pin against the bottom of a cartridge.

Attachment 60471
Attachment 60472

Overall: This thing is a hoot and very subtle at the field. Other players do not see anything out of the ordinary, until you start beating on your marker at the crony, that is.

Attachment 60473
AGD Flatline 3000 Rebuild Guide (It Rocks)

NGS CV1 'slapstick' 12-gram changer review (It Rocks)

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If folks like this review, please let me know. I have or have access to many of the major twelvie changers, and would be willing to do a small series of reviews of them.
AGD Flatline 3000 Rebuild Guide (It Rocks)

NGS CV1 'slapstick' 12-gram changer review (It Rocks)

My Feedback (It Rocks)

AO Feedback (It Rocks)
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I like this review. I knew the folks at National Gun Sports, they were poised to give Carter, Line SI, and CCI a run for their money back in the day. Really nice people, with really innovative products that were exceptionally well made.
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Quite cool, never knew that existed until now.
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Fantastic! I had a similar idea about a year ago, I guess someone beat me to it by a couple decades. At least I don't need to make a proof of concept anymore...
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that looks all types of sketchy, imagine that flying out the back with an exposed pierce pin
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Originally Posted by Captainneeda View Post
If folks like this review, please let me know. I have or have access to many of the major twelvie changers, and would be willing to do a small series of reviews of them.
Great review! I'd like to see more in this series.
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Very cool!
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Top notch! Bring them on!
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Very interesting read.
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