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The precursor to Warped Sportz dark cockers?

Let's travel back in time to around 1997.

brittan's cocker from warped sportz 2.JPGbrittan's cocker from warped sportz 1.JPG

This gun was purchased by my teammate at the same time I picked up Rocky Cagnoni's old STO team gun. I am trying to remember if it was Mike or Andy that did the milling and set up the gun. Either way, they worked there in the shop at Warped Sportz in Kearney, Nebraska. This gun was done up and it sold, and I remember being told that the idea for the Dark Cocker line was do in some part to this gun. The guy who did the milling called it the first Dark Cocker on one trip I had later taken to the shop. I went to the shop many times as I owned a shop about an hour and a half away.

Custom milled full Autococker body
STO front pnuematics
I don't recall the internals
OTP slingshot bolt
OTP G-1 barrel and inserts
Diamond Labs slider with incredible adjustment
I don't recall the original reg it came with (Angel reg added later)

Long story short, this gun is not a Dark Cocker, but it helped spawn the Dark Cocker line as it was an attempt at a custom gun that Warped Sportz could produce and sell. I've always liked the milling as it's spacey/galactic. I bought the gun from my teammate years ago and have since passed the gun onto someone new (regretfully).
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Very cool!
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