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Just a Few Questions

So I recently obtained a VM-68 and I have a few questions:

First what is the best feedneck to get and where? I have the new style feedblock with the 7/8" diameter feedneck.

I ran my VM off of a remote to a 20 oz Co2 today and after about 5 quick trigger pulls it started going full auto. Is this because it's cold, or do I have a bigger problem? I did shoot inside and I stopped the full auto by holding the cocking nob forward. It's possible that the CO2 tank was just low but I have no other CO2 to test it with. Also I have a Black Rain expansion chamber, so I'm wondering how to fix this issue.

What kind of maintenence does a Black Rain Expansion chamber need?

And what oil is best for cleaning what?

Thanks for any and all help and have a great day.

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the black rain should require no maintenance unless it is leaking. It sounds like you were low on air, most likely

I use gold cup oil - works great.

suggestions - set the valve to the highest possible settings and just rely on the bolt adjustments for velocity.
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I have issues with gold cup. Over a period of time, it degrades the orings and turns them to gum. Try hater sauce or Dow 33 or Dow 32.

But as Bored383 says, sounds like you are out of CO2. If the sputtering continues with a full tank of CO2, then check your hammer oring and check to see if the brass valve guide nut has backed its way out of the rear of the valve, thus preventing the hammer from hitting the valve properly.

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