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E-bay parts gun

Iím posting this here because itís about a VM68 and related parts. I probably could have put in the ďAsk the experts ďpart of the site since I am requesting verification of my e-findings.

To start off with I have an addiction to archaic strange mechanical devices that launch paintballs. This popped up on e-bay and was an impulse buy on my part. I wanted the wood M16 handle that was mounted on the Commando grip and the more comfortable Stowaway grip mounted on the marker itself. I took a chance that from the limited description that the marker could be put into operation with parts I had on hand (I was wrong).

Of course I also found out that the wood grip I lusted after was for a lefty. Actually I believe it may have been part of a bigger Thompson SMG grip set up you could get that came with a shoulder stock, right hand marker grip and a left hand ďCommando gripĒ for the front or it was just a regular Smart Parts offering on a normal barrel mounting block. I have read both suggestions on the VM68 web site.

Hereís whatís left, I mostly just want to share my find with you. Maybe post some photos for posterity and open this up for corrections on what my guesses are on the pieces and their origins.

I wish I had better camera stuff so this could be documented a little better.

Itís a VM68 with broken plastic side plates and most of the parts of somebodyís baby at one time.

Hereís what I think it has for accessories, correct me if I'm wrong:
ProLine sight rail
16Ē SP AA barrel
TASO Back Bottle adapter kit
Barrel mounted front grip block. (I threw a spare grip on it to replace the wood one I wanted)
Some sort of aftermarket ďMark6Ē venturi bolt, strange hammer and a blue colored valve (didnít want to take it out)

Looking at the bolt itís obviously missing the collar that goes on the hammer and holds the cocking handle and most likely some sort of spring adjustable velocity something or other that sprung the hammer instead of the bolt since the top tube plug isnít installed. I was going to do like the VM68 site said and throw an AutoMag spring in there but with out coming up with a cocking handle itís a lost cause.

Oh yeah, and since it came from e-bay hereís a pic of the required ďpaintball in the barrelĒ I found in it.

Since now I have the grip I wanted (sort of) and have investigated this type of marker I will be putting this up for sale in the miscellaneous f/s section of the forum so that somebody can glean the rest of the parts for their pet VM68.

Hereís a picture of my Phantom with the wood grip.

I am debating on what Iím going to do with this thing though since itís for a southpaw.

A. Trade it for a right hand (doubt it, Iíve only seen one right hand and pictures of the complete Tommy gun set on the VM69 site)

B. Trade it for some other cool grip (hate to do that, it fits your hand like an old Colt black powder pistol)

C. Modify it for ambidextrous use (Couple hours with some sand paper)

Seems like it would be a waste to modify a somewhat scarce accessory. Maybe a right hand version of this part is more common out west? If somebody has a better solution that would help me out drop me a PM.

I will post better sized pictures as soon as I can upload to my gallery. It's not letting me do it today for some reason.

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