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Chaos 11-03-2010 09:54 PM

Need pics of a Pro-Comp kit
Need some detailed pics of the Version 1 or 2 Pro-Comp kit (Not to be confused with the Pro-Shot kit from PTP) for the VM. Must be the original versions not the V.3 kit,mainly need details of the cocking section of the kit

Tx_Aggie 11-03-2010 10:03 PM

I've got one (I think). I'll take some pics for you tonight.

Tx_Aggie 11-08-2010 01:29 AM

This is an early V1 kit, and from what I can tell it lacks a rear velocity adjuster:

Interestingly, the cocking slots in the body were welded closed and then the entire body was powder coated gloss black.

As an aside, any idea what this gun is worth? It's currently set up with a VM EXC style expansion chamber, a single finger trigger guard, 14 inch armson barrel, and 45 frame with bottom line. It also has a trigger stop installed in the grip frame block.

Chaos 11-08-2010 07:31 AM

TY Sir,that's exactly what I needed...BTW they V.1 and V.2 kits all lack a velocity adjuster...I'm pretty sure the V.3's had one but,not sure as I have never seen one in person

As for what it's worth,I'm not sure....VM's haven't been selling well lately,but,then again the original Pro-Comp kits are pretty rare.Last Complete VM Pro-Comp gun I saw sold was back in 2005 for $250 and I bought just the kit itself once for about $160ish in 2002....Haven't seen one since

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